Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Xmas books, Xmas stitching and Xmas boxes!

Hi Everyone!
Right now my life seems to be in a place where I don't find time to stitch as much as I would like : (
I am part of a great Swedish community of Christmas blogs and for us the run-up to Christmas 2015 has already kicked off so running my Swedish Christmas blog takes up a lot of time . Then I also have my Swedish day-to-day blog where I write updates every day . Then I'm also trying to keep up with all my various favorite blogs , as well as finding time to start this year's Christmas planning . Luckily my lovely sister has gifted me two lovely handmade books to help keep track of everything Christmas! First I received this stunning Christmas notebook/diary . . .
. . . that she made for me ! It is absolutely gorgeous and you can see more pictures of it in THIS post : )
Then she also made a new beautiful Christmas Planner for me . . .
. . . that I cannot wait to use A LOT in the coming months : )
I have found time to do a few more Xmas tags (designed by Fiona Crouch) . You may remember that I did some where I stitched with red thread on white aida , but now I have done some where I used red aida and white thread . . .
. . . and I really like the look of these : ) I just love the little Xmas charts too - so easy and quick to stitch ! Absolutely perfect to stitch when time is short : )
My red and white Xmas picture is also coming along slowly . . .
. . . but I have to order some more red thread before I can finish this one .
Today I guess I could have sat down with some stitching , but I had an itch to do some match box decorating instead : 

 These will be perfect for small gifts around Christmas : )

The last time I did something like this was last autumn so it took me a while to find my creative juices again but I'm quite pleased with how my decorated match boxes turned out in the end : )

Although I really should be stitching as often as I can (plenty of stitched Xmas gift projects waiting for my attention), it is really nice to switch it up with another kind of craft every now and then : )

Happy stitching and crafting!



  1. Lovely projects the matchboxes are so cute!

  2. Beautiful presents you got from your sister;) I love the red Christmas tags and those matchboxes are so adorable!

  3. Wow, makes me want to do some red and white stitching! love everything

  4. Oh wow, you seem to be knee deep into Christmas alreay and your creativity is endless. Such wonderful crafty items. I love the gift tags and the decorate match boxes a lot. And your red an white Christmas picture is already looking so good.
    Enjoy the great gifts that you received.

  5. What beautiful gifts which I am sure will help keep you organised. Your stitching and matchbox gift boxes are delightful and whoever receives them will be very lucky.


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