Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy New Year, and Thank YOU!!!

Hello Everyone!

One of the best things for me this year has been starting this cross stitch blog! It has given me sooo much joy and inspiration. I have enjoyed 'meeting' lots of like-minded cross stitch fanatics; I have enjoyed sharing my various cross stitch projects with you and I have been very, very grateful for every wonderful comment I have received! And I have found a very enjoyable way to keep my English language skills resonably alive! Simply a win-win all around! So THANK YOU SOO MUCH for being part of this wonderful experience!

I'm really looking forward to sharing many more projects with you in the new year, and to see what projects you all will choose to stitch in 2016.

So, on to real stitchy matters:) Today I was not able to work on Festive Flurry as much as I would have liked. I had to make rasberry ice-cream for New Year's Eve at my sister's, and I had another project to work on as well. This is as far as I have come now:

I have started to add faint outlines so maybe you can start to see what it is...? I realised that I had to start stitching the background too, since it is much more boring than the colourful buildings in the middle, and I don't want to risk being left with only the boring background and then loose my stitching mojo in the process...! Let's hope my plan works lol:)

Time to show you another Christmas gift I stitched this year. I stitched this picture for my dad, since he loves the sea and boats.

He actually built a large boat that we spend every holiday on when my sister and I were children and he still has the boat that is now over 30 (!) years old. The picture looked like a simple design, and it was, considering the limited amount of colours, but it was much more time-consuming to stitch the big blocks of colours than I imagined! I worked on it up until the evening before he received it and I must have spent around 150-200 hours on it. (I'm not the fastest stitcher around...) The design is from Cross Stitcher issue 292 and the designer is Lucie Heaton. I did change the words into the Swedish version of 'Every day is a gift' instead of the original 'Every day is a new adventure'.

At last I want to wish you all a
and I look forward to catching up with you all in the new year!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Festive Flurry!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note:)
Today I have only stitched on Festive Flurry and I have come...

...this far now:) I love these kinds of designs where there are plenty of blocks of colours, since I can then switch between different colours when I stitch and thus I'm less likely to get bored with the overall design along the way:)

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Happily back to working on my own projects...!

Hello Everyone!

When I wrote my previous post I realized how much I have missed my cross stitch blog and how much I enjoy reading your lovely comments and catching up on all your stitching projects and general news..! So, now that a wonderful Christmas has come and gone I hope to be a much more active cross stitch blogger again:) Wohoo! I have so much to show you all; crafty Xmas gifts I've been given, crafty Xmas gifts I have made and the progress on my own joyful cross stitch projects I'm working on now:)

Speaking of Christmas, I really love my new blog design I used for the Christmas season so I'm not quite sure what I will do now that the season for reds and santas are almost over...:(
Please bear with me if I keep my jolly blog theme for a while into 2016, whilst I ponder what next to do with the blog design...I have a general tendency to hold on to Christmas a bit too long into the new year so I guess it is only right that my blogs should be affected too lol.

So, I am really enjoying stitching just for myself again! First I picked up the Gingerbread House Sampler and this is...

...where I finished before Christmas:) After a few hours stitching the last couple of days it now looks like this:  

A bit more purple, and border, and pinks; basically just a bit more of everything!
I still really enjoy stitching this one - maybe the design would pop more if I had stitched it on white aida but I really LOVE the gold-sparkling aida so no regrets! I love it so much that I have also bought a piece of silver-sparkling aida, and now I just have to find the appropriate design that will do the sparkly silver justice...:)

Even though I love my GBH sampler, I have had a couple of charts that I have been loooonging to start stitching, so yesterday I stiched gridlines onto a piece of blue aida and started stiching one of those charts:)

It is designed by my new favorite cross stitch designer Emma Congdon. Her designs have bright happy colours and often graphic patterns and words. This particular design is called Festive Flurry and can be found in Cross Stitcher issue 298. I really had to force myself to put this down last night; it was soo much fun to finally make a start on it! Any guesses what it is?
The first of my stitched Christmas gifts that I will show you is this ornament that I gave to my sister:

If I am not mistaken I think this design is also by Emma Congdon. I have stitched it a couple of times in different colour combinations since it is such a nice little crafty-themed chart. This time around I decided to add some beads for extra bling since I was going to give it to my bling-loving sister. From what I could tell my sister really loved it and immediately put it up on display in her own crafty corner:) That warms a sister's heart, I'll say!

That is it for now; my new project is calling for me!

Happy stitching everyone!


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas greetings from us!

Hello Everyone!

There haven't been many posts written so far in December, but as usual I - a Christmas Freak - have been knee-deep in Xmas cooking, Xmas candy-making, Xmas wrapping papers, family Christmas get-togethers and birthdays etc etc!
When I haven't been doing those things I have been stiching like crazy in order to get all my Xmas gifts ready, but still I had to give up on finishing about four different project..:(( I really find it difficult to let my gift ideas go for the time being, and to save them for future birthdays and Xmases but it is something I have to learn I think. Stitching things take a long time and it isn't always possible to find that time in time for the deadline... how painful it may be...!

Still, my only New Year's promise will be to start my Xmas gifts even earlier next seems it is not early enough to start in July lol.

Anyway, I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas, and I hope you find some time for stitching during the holidays:) That is my own plan for the Holidays - lots and lots of stitching time on some new fun projects just for me... and perhaps finish the Gingerbread House Sampler:))

I will leave you all for now with some Xmassy pics from the last few weeks...

My Xmas tree in the living room which is mostly decorated with homemade ornaments:)
My youngest furbaby wants to join in making Xmas decorations:)

I've been busy wrapping gifts...

...and making gingerbread biscuits...

....and making Swedish meatballs and other Swedish Xmas foods:)

My oldest furbaby is keeping an eye out for the snow that sadly has been missing so far...

My bedroom window:)

My sister made me a gorgeous advent calender...

...and one of the gifts was this beautiful Xmas sign that she
has made! I LOVE it!

My third furbaby is absolutely mad for wrapped gifts, and when we celebrated
an early Xmas with dad my furbaby kept a close eye on the gifts under the three...
Some homemade Xmas sweets:)

It is stressful to celebrate Xmas so a rest every now and then is necessary:))


Monday, 7 December 2015

...35 years on...:)

Hello Everyone!

Last Saturday our family got together at my mum's for a bit of a pre-Christmas celebration, and she actually has my very first (as far as I remember at least; it was a while ago lol) cross stitch project:) It's a cushion that I made for her when I was ten years old, which means that the cushion is now 35 years old!!

It is just precious!
Of course the stitches cross in both directions in a random order, and the crosses are sometimes stitched in two very different colours, but I'm so impressed with my ten-year-old self! I even managed a quite complex basket with flowers:)) I LOVE the fact that my mum still has this very fine piece of stitching, and now that I have found my love for cross stitching again - 35 years later - it is absolutely wonderful to see this sweet piece of stitching, so full of love and history and child-like joy!

Happy Stitching Everyone!


Friday, 4 December 2015

Purples and candy canes...

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well:) I hosted a lovely Christmas Party last Sunday for family and friends, and after that I have been completely exhausted..! I worked so hard getting everything ready for that party that I ran out of steam once it was all over and all the home-made goodies were eaten.

So this week I have tried to take it easy, relax and work on all my Xmas gift projects that I have left to do. I have at least five on the go so I desperately trying NOT to get stressed by them all. Luckily there's plenty of sports on the television that keep me company as I stitch away. I enjoy all the projects, but I still found myself longing to stich on one of my own pieces so last night I got the Gingerbread House Sampler out again and promised myself an hour of stitching time on it.

Here is where I picked it up...

...and an hour later I had soo much fun with this one that I just had to carry on stitching it until it was time for bed:) It felt a little bit like a guily pleasure, but I thorougly enjoyed my time with this sparkly stitch:)
This is where I stopped when it was time for bed... 

A bit more of the border, some more purple and a couple of candy canes etc. I can't wait to get back to this one again, but now I have to 'be good' and finish some other more urgent projects first..:)

Now I'm going to watch the final of the best season ever of Swedish Pop Idol!

Happy Stitching!