Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Stitchy gifts - received and made!

Hi everyone!
I have received a wonderful gift by Melanie ( ) in the post !
It is a lovely little needle minder with a wonderful little Stitchy Bug! It is just soo sweet!

I also received a beautiful card from Melanie with a lovely Mirabilia design on the front !

Thank you sooo much for my lovely gifts , Melanie ! Receiving them really made my day and I'm really looking forward to using my cute little needle minder : )
Today I had to finish my gifts for my aunt's 60th birthday .
First up was the little stitched heart . . .

. . . that I have now finished putting together : )

Then I put together a doubled birthday card and it was all going very well . . . until I realised that I had decorated it upside down ! Oh nooo ! There was nothing left to do but to cut it off down the middle and write the greeting on the back of the single card . . . Oh well , it is the thought that counts , right ?

I'm not too keen on the finishing process when it comes to my stitching , but once I got going today I felt in the groove and carried on finishing a few more cards for future family birthdays : )

When I make cross stitch cards I like to decorate them in a simple way - or not at all - so the stitching can be the focus of the card .
This is a Durene Jones-design that I stitched a long time ago (I don't remember from which magazine either) . . .

. . .  so it felt really good to finally turn it into a actual card that I can use : )
Finally I finished putting together this little sweet picture . . .

I am not sure where this one will end up in the end , but for now I am VERY happy to be able to put it in my 'Finished Projects' box !

Happy Stitching Everyone!


Monday, 27 July 2015

Catching up on my (Xmas) stitching !

Hi everyone !

Things are getting back to normal here for me after I had to look after all my family's five dogs for a week : ) The week was really exhausting for me and I struggled to find any energy or time to stitch , even though I had such a longing for it .

But now I can finally catch up on my stitching ! I'm in a crazy mental place right now where almost all I can think about is my stitching and my Christmas gifts that I plan to stitch ! Sadly I will not be able to show you everything I'll stitch ; at least not until after Christmas in case a few of my family members happen to read this blog . However , there should still be plenty of stitching going on that I CAN show you , especially if I can execute at least half of the projects I am planning . . . ha ha !

My first finished Christmas gift stitching is this piece . . .

. . . for my grandma ! It says GRANDMA in Swedish , and I plan to attach it to a towel : ) The ABC is from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine issue 159 and they are designed by Lucie Heaton . These letters were really fun to stitch , and easy to experiment with colour-combos . I'm hoping to stitch more of these . I have soo many ABCs to choose from , but I have decided to pick easy designs for gifts , with a limited amount of colours and not too fussy with a lot of thread changes . I find the starting and finishing of lots of threads always slows me down .

I have also stitched a little on my Christmas Fairy by Joan Elliott . . .

. . . but I am eagerly awaiting some threads which has slowed me down a bit on this one .

In the past I have bought quite a few of the Enjoy Cross Stitch magazines since they always include threads and other stitching goodies . Like this issue for example :

It's from Spring 2013 , and it included all these lovely goodies :

It caught my eye again a few days ago and I decided to stitch some of the designs they suggested (designed by Lesley Teare) using the free threads .

The first one is this sweet little chart I finished .

I'm going to turn it into an ornament and send it to my aunt who celebrates her 60th birthday . I have been dragging my feet on the finishing and making up part of this little project , since it is my least favorite part of stitching , but you can imagine what it will look like once I get this done . . . sooon.

Since it looked so good , I decided to stitch another design using the freebie threads and that turned into this little finish :

I changed the original 'Home Sweet Home' phrase to the Swedish equivalent , and I think it turned out rather well : ) This will probably be turned into another ornament - some other day - to be put in someone's Xmas stocking : )
So , that's all the stitching for this time !
Happy Stitching everyone !

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Too exhausted to stitch much...: ( (

Hi everyone!
This week I am taking care of my sister and brother-in-law's two dogs , which means I have five dogs at home , which means 105 kg in weight , which means double the amount of walks every day , which means less rest for me , which means less stitching time , which means a very exhausted ME !
In my mind I am just dying to sit down and stitch , but there is just not enough time in the day nor enough energy in my body to do much more than looking after these five dogs .
My family's lovely pack of dogs!
I have managed a few stitches here and there in between dog walks .
Here is my Christmas Fairy :

I have completed the red sash on the dress and stitched some more on the skirt , but progress is fustratingly slow right now .

I have also managed to stitch some more letters for my up-coming christmas gifts. These are designed by Maria Diaz and can be found in Cross Stitch Crazy magazine (issue 156).

This ABC is causing my some headache , since the robins are placed so randomly around each letter .  I wasn't sure weather I should line up the actual letters exactly along the same line , or weather I should just match them up according to each chart size . . . ? In the end I decided to place them according to the exact chart measurement since that required less aida fabric , but I am not sure how it will look finished when the letters themselves are not exactly lined up . . . I just have to hope that it'll look so charming in the end that the recipient won't care either way : )

Here is another cute bird-themed letter as well :

I have found some good charts to use in my cross stitching magazines so now I just need the time and energy - and some additional threads I have to order - in order to create some Christmas gifts : )

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Xmas Fairy and Xmas SAL!

Hello Everyone!

When I woke up this morning the rain was pouring outside , so it seemed like the perfect thing to do to stay indoors and stitch on my new Christmas Fairy project ! I heard a faint voice in my head that tried to tell me to stitch on my Xmas gift projects instead , but I ignored that voice . Today was only for my Xmas Fairy !

So this is where I'm at right now ! Since it is quite a small fairy (stitch count 140x112) I'm making good progress : ) I already have all the different red-coloured threads I need so I can finish those parts of the chart . Unfortunately I do not have all the greens so I had to leave the wreath etc as it is for now : (

I have also made some plans to add more bling to this design by Joan Elliott .

A reminder of how she looks finished:)

JE has already added red seed beads to the skirt and wreath , and gold Kreinik to the wings . I am planning to also exchange the single white cross stitches on the dress for white seed beads , and to stitch the green xmas-tree branches surrounding her in green Kreinik . I think that would look great ! Maybe also switch the black cross stitches in the fur for black seed beads . . . we'll see how it goes : )

Still , I really need to tear myself away from this design for a bit . At the moment I am trying to find suitable pretty alphabet charts that I can stitch on 5 cm aida bands for gifts . Most of the ABC-charts I have are just a tiny bit too large for that size which is very annoying . . . !

Speaking of Christmas , I have joined my very first SAL ! It is the Christmas Ornie SAL 2015 hosted by Kaye at Kitten Stitching ! I am soo excited and have already begun to think of which Xmas designs to stitch !

I just love Christmas ! ! !

Happy Stitching !


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Christmas Stitching in July!

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you all , but I am in the middle of planning my Christmas stitching right now . I have always enjoyed giving handmade - by me - gifts and Christmas presents to my nearest and dearest . Due to financial limitations the last couple of years I really need to MAKE most of my Xmas gifts this year , and I need to use my crafty stash as much as I can .

However , as you stitchers all know , stitching lots of gifts will require lots and lots of stitching time . . . and lots of browsing through patterns and cross stitch magazines . . . and lots of thread-sorting . . ! When I think of it like that it almost feels as if I am a bit late starting all this in July . . . ha ha ha !
Still , here I am and I have made a start on my Xmas stitching plans , but sadly I could not keep my eyes entirely on the ultimate goal . . .

As I browsed through a Cross Stitch Crazy magazine (issue 159) two days ago , I fell completely in love with a particular Christmas chart ! I desperately wanted to stitch it but not as a gift for someone else , but for MYSELF! Clearly this is not the best time for me to fall in love with yet a new chart , but you know what it is like . . . certain charts just grab you and demand you begin to stitch them straight away ! And luckily ( or maybe not so luckily ha ha! ) I had almost all the threads so OF COURSE I just had to make a start . . !

And what is this going to look like sometime in the future you may ask . . ?

A Chrismas Fairy by Joan Elliott ! Isn't she stunning ? !
I just have to stop falling in love with these JE charts . . . ha ha ! But how can I stop when they are all so gorgeous ? !
But today I have been good and put the fairy aside for a bit and started on one of my many Xmas gift projects . . .

This ABC chart is actually from the same magazine and designed by Lucie Heaton . I have swapped some of the thread colours for some from my stash . I am going to have to order some more threads for some of my other xmas projects , so I'll try to use my stash whenever possible .

And just to let you all know - and to warn you , ha ha - I am a complete Christmas freak and there will probably be a lot of Christmassy posts coming up here in the next five months ! !

Happy Stitching !


Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Finish: Lovebirds!

Hello Everyone!
Here's the Finish I promised you in the last post! It is called Lovebird Pair and is designed by Jenni Mills and the chart was published in The World of Cross Stitching (issue 199). I stitched it as a 50th birthday present for my very good friend's husband:)
This is a picture I took before I removed the stitched guide-lines and before I added... friends' names and the Swedish words for 'Forever', and and washed, ironed and framed it:

I really enjoyed stitching this motive with all its bright colours, and the black backstitching really made the design stand out:)
My friends seemed really happy with the picture and made plans to hang it in their living room:))
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Speaking of dogs . . . and a little XS : )

Hi all !
I have finished a project ! Yay !
Sadly I cannot show it here yet until I have given it to its recipient , but I am very pleased with it and all I have left to do is to frame it and give it away : ) Pictures coming soon , I promise ! !
I have also been stitching on my little dog : )
This project looked like this a few days ago . . .
. . . and then I stitched a bit on the top right corner . . .

. . . and on the bottom of the armchair . . .

. . . and on the cushion . . . this is what it looks like right now :

I'm not sure I have ever enjoyed a cross stitch project as much as I am this one - it feels as if every cross stitch is stitched with love <3
Speaking of love , my oldest furbaby , my dearest friend , celebrated his tenth birthday yesterday !

He is my very first dog that I have owned myself . . .

. . . and I just cannot imagine my life without him !

Happy birthday , my very dearest , dearest friend !
May you run like this for a very very long time ! !
Happy Stitching Everyone ! ! !