Thursday, 27 August 2015

Nice Xmas progress:)

Hi Everyone !

I'm still working on my Christmas pictures : ) It has been a busy week for me , and when I am at home I have been following the World Championship in Athletics on the telly . Therefore it has really suited me to stitch on my red/white Christmas picture : ) No time-consuming colour changes and an easy border !
After the first day's stitching on this piece - when I broke my own record for frogging - I started to get to grips with the chart , and I haven't had to do any frogging since. Yay ! ! ! There is one counting mistake , but I decided to leave that one as it was as it only made one of the houses slightly smaller and it's nothing that affects the rest of the picture  :)

So here is my progress so far :

As you can see I have decided to do half of the cross stitches first so that I don't have to refer to the chart when I stitch the second half of the cross stitches . I always prefer doing it that way when I stitch a big block of stitches in the same colour .
My other Christmas picture is coming along nicely too !

All this progress on my OWN pictures sadly means that I have not done too much on my Christmas gift stitching . . . But as soon as the Athletics are finished, I am back to my pile of  Christmas Gift projects . . . I hope, lol ! ! !

Have a good weekend and Happy Stitching !



  1. great progress on both Christmas WIPs:) The red one is almost done, isn't it nice not to keep staring at a chart and keep on

  2. Both your WIPs show a lot of progress.

  3. They both look great! That's a good idea to stitch half of one color then stitching it all back.


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