Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hooked on crochet

Hello Everyone!

Today I don't have much cross stitching progress to show you, since I'm in an insane crochet flow just now. All I want to do is crochet:) All day, every day!

One of the things I've been working on is a crochet storage basket. The inspiration for the basket comes from the wonderful Swedish crochet blog Bautawitch . The reason I needed a storage basket is because I have a new craft shelf in my livingroom, and I thought a handmade basket would be perfect for this shelf. So, instead of having this horrible and not-so-organized corner of the livingroom...

...I decided to have a tall, narrow IKEA shelf (couldn't fit in a wider shelf ). I originally wanted a dark shelf that would blend in well with the wallpaper, but the only shelf available in the shop was a white version so white is what I came home with lol.
Then my creative sister helped me to cover some storage boxes with leftover wallpaper, so the shelf blends in pretty well in the end, anyway:

And on top of my new tall narrow shelf is my new homemade storage basket...

...which is far away from perfect but was really fun to crochet:)

I've also been working on my left-over-yarn crochet blanket...

...which is coming along very nicely. My furbabies already love it and have tested the required cosiness of my new blanket:)

The only stitching I've done lately is on the PS Santas...

...but I'm afraid the progress isn't too impressive.
I'm not sure how much stitching I'll get done in the coming week, since I'm finding it hard to put down my crochet hook at the moment...:)
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Birthday cards delivered!

Hello Everyone!

Over the weekend I've been stitching some birthday cards for family and friends who have birthdays around this time.

For my wonderful sister I stitched this card...

...and from a dear friend I made this card:

Both charts are from Enjoy cross stitch hearts & flowers (Spring 2012).
From Enjoy cross stitch House to home (Spring 2013) I picked this chart...
...and turned it into a card for an animal lover. I'm sure the recipient loves bees too lol.
I also stitched this freebie bookmark...
 ...from Cross Stitcher issue 269 as a birthday gift for the same animal lover. And I know for a fact that she had a pet bird at one time lol:)
 I often find that I'm close to running out of the provided threads when I stitch freebies, but in this case I'm pretty sure that I have enought threads left to stitch the cute bird design once again:) And since it was a fun stitch, I'm sure I will!
Although I have one more gift to work on, I must get back to the PS Santas. My Santa stitching buddy Gominam is speeding along with hers so I need to catch her up lol. Check out her wonderful progress while I get going on mine:)
Happy Stitching!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Potholder and cute freebie!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all well?
I've had a good week including a nice visit to the movies (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2) as a birthday treat for my sister.
I have been stitching too but I can't show you what yet:(
What I CAN show you is a potholder that I'm crocheting:

In general I'm not a 'beige' fan, but I've fallen in love with this particular colour-combo! I just love the general vintage feel of it:)
Today I also received my montly Cross Stitcher magazine, and it had a really cute freebie gift with it:

So sweet and definitely on my never-ending stitching-to-do list:)

I'll be back with some more stitching updates soon, and I hope you'll all have a nice stitchy weekend:)


Monday, 11 April 2016

A quick update:)

Hello Everyone:)

I tried to write a post last night but I was way too tired and cold-ridden that I'm not sure what I did exactly... I clearly didn't post anything anyhow lol!

So today I'll try again:)

Luckily my cold hasn't stopped me from stitching, so my PS Santas are coming along nicely...

...and Christmas Tree Farm has some more Christmas trees...

...and a cute fox:)) I just love the precious little details on this piece!

I have also stitched a PS piece for the Christmas Ornie SAL ...

...although I'm a month late with this one:) Better late than never, right lol?

I'll leave you for now with a fun pic of my smallest furbaby...

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Prarie Schooler starts:)

 Hello Everyone!

Just a quick note to show you my start on my Prarie Schooler charts:) I'm having a rough week healthwise, but I have managed to stitch a little bit inbetween aches and pains and sneezes...

First up is my start on Christmas Tree Farm...

I really love this project, and I'm already fallen in love with the reindeer lol.

Secondly, I have also started on my PS Santas...

...and since I'm stitching them alongside Gominam at Stitch Niche , I decided to stitch them all together like she's doing:)
I have three PS Santas (1999, 2004, 2006) so far, but I hope I'm going to be able to order some more soon so I can start stitching the top left corner too:)

Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I will feel well enough during the weekend so I can get lots more stitching done! I just don't need any other bugs than the stitching bug lol.

Happy Stitching´!


Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Cosy Happy Dance!

Hello Everyone!
So, before I get stuck into my Prarie Schooler stash, I decided to actually finish a project:)
Just to make me feel just a little less guilty about starting yet more projects lol! And what project could be better than my Cosy cushion that I worked on before I ran out of threads. Obviously the needed thread colours were in my new thread stash, so with everything needed at hand I dug through my pile of WIPs to find it and get started before the weekend.
Before I show you my pictures I want to remind you of what the original cushion looked like:

It's from Cross Stitcher magazine issue 301, and it is designed by Felicity Hall. I REALLY liked the phrase on the cushion, but I wasn't so keen on the colours she had used. Therefore I exchanged them for more pinks and purples (my favorite colours). Let me know if you want the exact thread colour I used and I'll do an extra post on them. I also decided to use 11-count aida to make the cushion cover a bit bigger.

So this is as far as I had stitched when I ran out of hot pink:

As well as using other colours than the originals, I decided to play around a bit with the motifs. I added some more cute snowflakes for example. I also decided to stitch a more prominent border.

So that meant that when my version of the Cosy cushion was done, it looked like this:

I'm very happy with my work, and I am definitely happy that I did a bit more with the border! I do love the pom-poms trims they have added to the original cushion, and I think I have some black pom-pom trims I can add to the cushion when I sew it together:)
But that will have to wait for a bit; now I really want to get stuck into my PS stitching. I actually have made a little start on a chart, but now Gominam at Stitch Niche has suggested that I start stitching my PS Santas like she is, so that we can cheer each other on:) That sounds like a lot of fun so I might have to do that, although she is bound to finish her Santas well, well before me lol!

Now I wish you all a very stitchy week to come. Myself, I'm off to do some more Happy Dancing!