Sunday, 20 September 2015

Gingerbread sampler!

Hi everyone !

This is just a quick update to show you how I am getting on with my Gingerbread Sampler :

We now have a couple of reindeers and a start on the border : ) I'm still loving this , and suprisingly enough I don't mind all the starts and stops . On the contrary , I enjoying seeing the sampler grow item by item : ) I've had to do one change to the original chart . If you have a look at the three hearts in the middle , the heart to the left has a very invisible brown in the middle . . . Therefore I decided to find a slightly darker brown that would show up better on this particular fabric , and I filled in the other two hearts with the 'new' brown : )

Hope you've all had a wonderful stitchy weekend !



  1. Love those reindeer. It's coming along really well and will look wonderful.

  2. This is lovely progress. I love the little reindeer :)

  3. Such nice progress on your sampler. I love reindeer and the ones on the sampler are really cute.

  4. Love your sampler - it is coming along nicely. Joan at


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