Monday, 14 September 2015

New stash and WIPs!

Hi everyone !

It is about time I write a post again , don't you think ? !

I've been waiting for my cross stitch order from England , and today it arrived ! It's like Xmas Eve ( in Sweden we open our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve ) in September lol !
Look at this stunning gold-fleck aida . . .

. . . AND it is called Stardust . . . isn't it gorgeous ? ! ! I have finally been able to treat myself to a cross stitch magazine subscription , and when I received the latest issue (208) of Cross Stitch Crazy I saw this very cute freebie Xmas sampler . . .

. . . and I am hoping that it will look extra-special stitched on the gold aida : ) ) Fingers crossed ! !

Of course I also received some more threads for my many projects : )

There are red threads for my white and red Xmas picture , and some blue threads for my Swedish santa , and some threads for new projecs that I can't wait to start . . ! As if I don't have enough projects on the go already . . !

My sister actually gave me good advice when I complained that there isn't enough hours in the day for me to have time to stitch all the Xmas gifts I want . She also has a lot of craft projects on the go for Xmas gifts so she knows exactly what I'm talking about . Anyway , she suggested that I should try to finish ONE project for each person so that everyone is 'covered', and THEN I can go crazy with more Christmas gift stitching ! So that is what I am trying to do now ; just get something done for each and every one and then the rest is a bonus : ) )
It is soo nice to have a crafty sister to discuss crafty issues with : ) ) 

So one of those Xmas gifts projects I am working on right now is this aida band I showed you a month ago (look HERE):

I wasn't happy about the thread colour for the backstitch details . As you can tell the letter M is backstitched in a lighter blue thread that is quite difficult to make out . I decided to have a look through my stash to see if I could find a darker blue that would still complement the other three colours , but also stand out a bit more . As you can also tell , I succeeded:) I am much more happy with the A and the R, and it is now possible to make out the small flowers too : ) )

I am also working on my September ornament for Christmas Ornie SAL . I struggled to find a design I was happy with so in the end I decided to stitch something totally different . . .

. . . and that ended up being this Christmas tree : ) It is stitched using only DMC Metallics and it's from an old freebie chart leaflet from The World of Cross Stitching magazine . As usual it is impossible to do justice to the sparkle in a picture , but trust me when I say that it looks really nice : ) I haven't decided how to do the finishing yet , but we're only halfway through September so I still have time to think about that one . . : ) ) )
That's all for now , fellow stitchers !


  1. Good progress and yay new thread!

  2. I love that Stardust Aida - it is going to make your Christmas stitching even more festive. Your Christmas Tree ornament is looking great, and I'm keen to see it finished up (I love ornaments!). I think you have a wise sister - that was very good advice she gave you.

  3. Hooray for new stash! Looks like you're on the right track with your Christmas stitch gifts:)

  4. Beautiful fabric and I am sure the little sampler will look fabulous on it. Lots of lovely threads to add to your collection too. Your Christmas stitching is looking wonderful.

  5. Love your sparkly fabric. I am currently stitching on a gold flecked evenweave and my light reflects off it sometimes making it hard to see the holes... but Aida would be probably be much easier to stitch on :o)
    Your Xmas stitching plan sounds like a really good idea.... it is so nice to be able to bounce ideas of crafting family (or friends)
    Love the Christmas tree :o)
    Hugs xx
    PS: thank you for your comment on my recent post (I couldn't reply directly as it came into my inbox as a no-reply comment.

  6. That is some beautiful fabric for Christmas projects. I'm sure that you will put it to some good use. And a pile of threads - can there be a better picture? Great projects you are working on, and the new one will be great as well.


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