Thursday, 17 September 2015

Christmas stitching update!

Hello Everyone !

I just HAD to show you all my progress on my Stardust fabric - I just LOVE that name ! ! ! And I love stitching on the this goldish aida ! This is my progress on my Gingerbread sampler from Cross Stitch Crazy (issue 208) so far :

I just love stitching this one so much and I could easily skip all my other projects to just work on this one , but I've managed to restrict myself to a couple of hours each evening : ) Some of the colours -like the light green - have a tendency to fade into the fabric but I can easily say that I don't care lol ! This fabric just makes everything look stunning ! There is also an aida with silver flecks , and I have a feeling it will be making its way home to me ( from the online store ) sooner rather than later . . .
I'm slowly coming to realise that I have a thing for stitching with a bit of bling ! !
Who would have thought ? !

Since I'm on a roll here I might as well show you my progress on my other Xmas projects : )
Here's my red and white Christmas picture  . . .

. . . where I am working my way across the red sky with my new red thread . I'm also working on the outside frame , so not long to go now : ) Still thinking of how to finish it . . : )

 Here's the progress on my Swedish santa :

I'm also stitching my way across this sky and it is coming along nicely . I had a go at stitching Santa's facial features , but it looked a right mess so I've decided to leave him as he is . . . I think . . ! I've been so spoiled with stitching Joan Elliotts beautifully detailed facial features lately . . !

Speaking of Joan Elliott , this is where I am at with her Christmas Fairy :

She hasn't had a lot of attention the last couple of weeks , but I've added a bit to the skirt and to the furry details of her dress:)

The other day I found this gorgeous Crocus ABC designed by Lucie Heaton in an old magazine (The World of Cross Stitching, issue 212)...

... and I just had to have a go at stitching some of these letters! The yellow and purple crocuses look wonderful and are very quick to stitch too:) I had some scraps of hand-died Polstitches aida to stitch on so these letters ended up looking absolutely fabulous : )
Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Too much excitement going on in this post, lol! I'm glas you're loving Stardust aida, I did too, the light colors tend to blend with my fabric so I chose a shade darker and was satisfied with the result. You're almost done on your 2 beautiful xmas patterns, love to see it done:) The fairy is looking pretty too!

  2. Wow I love all your project pictures :). I loved the look of the stardust aidas but I don't like stitching on it lol. I wish they did that with more of the linens. The cashel opalescent is my favorite but it's expensive. Lovely stitching :)

  3. Oh wow! You have been busy..... I am loving all your Christmas stitching!
    You left a comment on my post asking for info on how to be a "reply commenter".... you just need to go into your Blogger user profile and add your email address under the identity section. That should then allow people to respond to your comments on their posts....
    Hugs xx

  4. There's a lot of Christmas stitching going on here. I just love the red piece with the village scene and the Santa piece with the dark blue sky. And you will soon be done on both of them - just perfect for this year's Christmas. And who doesn't love a bit of bling from time to time :)


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