Sunday, 6 September 2015

Very pleased, indeed!

Hi Everyone !

I just had to write a quick post and show you my progress on the Swedish Santa picture : )

Look ! ! !
I have finished stitching the first half of all the cross stitches across the blue sky ! ! !
I'm just soo happy about this ; it was this big stretch of sky that put me off this piece ten years ago . . . and now it is done ! Obviously I have to do the other half of the cross stitch but that is as you know a piece of cake - if I hadn't run out of the blue thread that is . . . bummer!
So sadly I have to put the blue sky on hold for a bit until I get my threads . I'm still VERY pleased with myself though lol! I am also pondering what to do with the empty 'snowflake' squares ? In the original chart the squares are just left undone , but I think I'm going to fill them in . Perhaps with satin thread . . . I'll see . . : )

On another note , I have spent this weekend reorganizing my craft space/stash ; a task that was much needed : )

A question for you all , though :

How would YOU decorate/use this wooden candle holder ? ? ?

I've had this one in a box for a few years and I have yet to come up with a good idea of how to decorate it . . !
Any brilliant ideas , anyone ?

Hope you've all had a good weekend filled with some nice stitching !



  1. Congrats on finishing the blue halves :) I would bead the snowflake spots or use some kreinik to add a bit of sparkle. As for the candleholder I would either paint it to match my decor (which is oil rubbed bronze in my house) or decoupage it with something fun like stamps or flower petals or comics :)

  2. Congrats on the major progress, running out of thread just makes one go crazy when you're having fun stitching! Candleholder in the box for years? If you're not going to use it all year, maybe decorate it accdg. to the season, since you're in the Christmassy mood...

  3. Your Christmas design is coming along great. I love how it gets depth with the dark sky. I love that. I think I would add a little Kreinik to the snowflakes as Heather suggested.
    No ideas for the candle holder, I'm sorry.

  4. Well done on getting that sky almost done.... Funny how one thing can completely turn you off a design sometimes!
    Goodness what could do with the candleholder... can you paint it up and then add some dowel where the candles would sit and use some string to join them together into a sort of could then hang some small lightweight ornies off it for Christmas?
    Hugs xx
    PS: thank you for dropping by my blog - I couldn't respond to your comment as you come up as a 'no-reply' comment...


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