Tuesday, 12 May 2015

To face a Face!

Hi all!

Yesterday I gave away the crocheted poncho that I made recently .

The recipient was delighted and full of smiles and plans for when she was going to use it ! It sure is lovely making things for people when they show such appreciation ! !

I'm still stitching my Lavender Fairy , and I have now renewed determination to finish this project within not too long : ) The reason for that is probably that I have now stitched her face , and thus she has almost developed a personality . . . ! I know , it sounds a bit crazy , but she is more alive now and I have also decided to call her BELLE ! Such a beautiful fairy deserves her own name , especially since I am spending so much time 'getting to know' her . . . : )

So the process of stitching the face was quite time-consuming ; three different skin colours , lots of fiddly fractionals and quite a few thread changes . . . ! After a few hours I had done this much . . .

. . . and I was beginning to wonder if she would really end up looking as good as she does in the original picture ? ? Hm . . . nothing to do but keeping my fingers crossed and then stitch the different backstitches around the eyes and the mouth . . .

Well , now she began to look a bit better, with some of her 'make-up' on : ) But there was still something missing , so I carried on with the last bit of backstitching in and around the face and voila . . .
 . . . here she is ! Isn't she beautiful, my BELLE ? ? It is amazing what a few backstitches here and there can do ! I can just feel how I have fallen in love with this project all over again : )
And here is a picture of her as she looks tonight in all her glory ! !

The next big step is to finish stitching all of her wings and there are also all the lavender flowers that grow on each side of her . Although there are still lots of things to stitch , it feels as if it is doable and I am really looking forward to when I can go crazy with the embellishments . . .ha ha !

Happy Stitching everyone !



  1. Wow you're making such great progress on her. And now she has a face!

  2. She's almost finished and looking so pretty, you are really making great progress on her, wonderful job:)

  3. Your poncho is gorgeous as is your fairy Annie.


  4. Amazing what some backstitching can do. She is looking lovely. Beautiful poncho:)

  5. Yes, I know : ) It was fun/nerveracking seeing the progression as I stitched ! She sure knows what she is doing, Joan Elliott , doesn't she :)

  6. I am so glad your friend appreciated all your hard work. Belle is looking wonderful.

  7. Oh, this is a beautiful design, just love it.

  8. She is looking very beautiful. I love to start with the face and I also love experiencing the piece "coming to life".

  9. She looks wonderful, good luck on her wings.


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