Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Joan Elliott world is my oyster!

Hi all!

Since the first moment I saw her cross stitch charts I fell in love with Joan Elliott designs . I loved the details and the colours she used and the subjects - just the overall feel of her designs : ) However , a lot of them felt very much out of my stitching reach since I had never used beads - how scary! - and I found metallics really challenging to stitch with .
However , I challenged myself to use beads for a gift I made last autumn . . .

 ...using a Joan Elliott chart . I used slightly larger beads that I had bought cheaply at a craft sale and the process of stitching the beads to the fabric was such an exhilarating experience , and the the whole stitched piece looked sooo good with the added beads that I was truly HOOKED! Then I decided to stitch the beautiful Unicorn by Joan Elliott for my sister's 40th birthday , where I got to use Kreinik braid #4 which was a very nice experience ! I found Kreinik very easy to use compared to DMC Metallics . I also used the small seed beads for the first time , and although they did their best to escape from me , the beading was a lot of fun : )
So , now that I had conquered my big fears as far as JE designs was concerned , it really dawned on me the other day that I CAN in fact stitch ALL of her charts that take my fancy ! WOW ! Of course it would be quite expensive , since I would want lovely ( hand dyed ) fabrics and beautiful beads and Kreinik , but still , I could do it ! And I also realized that I have quite a few of her charts already since I collect cross stitch magazines and have quite a few bookazines with some of her patterns . Of course I had to get out back issues of the magazine that often has her chart , Cross Stitch Collection magazine , and I made a list of the JE designs that really took my fancy !

So here goes:

CSC issue 225
 I love this Fabulous flapper ! Who doesn't love the Charlston Era with all the fun dresses and headpieces etc ? ! And look at that necklace . . . lots and lots of beads : )

CSC issue 229
 I LOVE christmas ( which is why I have a Christmas blog! ) and I love vintry christmas designs ! This Christmas Rose Angel would be perfect christmas gift for someone : ) Those christmas roses are stunning !

CSC issue 204
 I love all the green foilage , poinsetta flowers , and christmas roses that surrounds this Winter Goddess ! The greens and the reds are really beautiful and there are some lovely gold beads and Kreinik braid used as well : ) It is just a very festive design , and the chart that comes with it is very easy to read , which helps a lot !

CSC issue 212
This Sweet Pea Fairy is simply stunning ! However, it is a rather elaborate and large design so I don't think I'll be stitching it yet . I feel I need a little more stitching experience before I tackle it . It is definitely on my to-do list though ! I've always liked Sweet Pea flowers and this design really reflects the beauty of Sweet Peas : )

CSC issue 214
This Dragonfly Fairy is definitely one of the charts I am thinking of doing next : ) I like those muted colour and the easy, breezy feeling of this design ! I would definitely have to find the perfect hand dyed fabric for it though , since the fabric really is in focus on this design .

So those are my stitching dreams/plans for the moment ! I love the fact that I have lots and lots of beautiful , inspiring , beaded projects on my to-do list ! Whatever else life throws at me , I know that I have lots of lovely stitchy moments to look forward to in the future : )

Oh , I mustn't forget to show you my progress on my present JE project !

At the moment I'm looking to do some of the backstitch on her skirt so I'm trying to finish all those dress folds . It is now possible to see where some of the beads will be positioned on the dress too : ) The hair is also basically finished and just waiting for the beads and Kreinik decorations . I love the feeling of the hair , the way it just falls freely on her (invisible) shoulders . Yes , I know , I'm dragging my feet on the skin areas . . . just bear with me !
Now I bid you all farewell for this time because I'm going to return to stitching my Lavender Fairy by Joan Elliott : )
Happy Stitching Everyone!


  1. The Dream piece that you made as a gift is so beautiful. The recipient of this gift must have been thrilled. And you have a great collection of Joan Elliott designs from the magazines.

  2. Thank you!! I wasn't sure at the time how it would turn out, but I was very pleased with the finished piece. In fact I was so pleased I'd also like to do one for myself one day : ) Even though I really do not like stitching a chart more than once . . .

  3. Such a beautiful gift you made for your friend. I have a lovely book of Joan Elliot designs but as yet have made a start on any of the patterns. Your project list will keep you busy for a long time, although you are doing very well with your current project.

    1. I love the fact that I have a LOONG project list! Lots of fun stitching coming up in the future:)

  4. I love most of Joan Elliott's designs! I'm working on her swirling peacock right now. It's my "on the go" piece since my focus piece is too big to take with. It's also my first piece using kreinik and beads and I agree with kreinik being easier then dmc metallics. I'm never going back! I'm excited to see your progress in her pieces so I can figure out which to stitch next :)

    1. I just love Kreinik! So soft and so sparkly! My plan is to exchange DMC metallics for Kreinik in as many charts as I can in the future:)

  5. I stitched some of her charts too (but no beading involved). And yes you can, you can do it, just look at that lovely gift:)

  6. I know, right?! I CAN DO IT! Yay!

  7. I love the beads on your friend's gift! I've never used beads before, but you've inspired me to give it a try someday!

  8. I tell you, it is such a fun thing to do when you are brave enough to try it! It takes time, but it is well worth the effort!


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