Sunday, 3 May 2015

She has hair and a left sleeve!

Hi all!

How I had longed for this day when I had nothing planned except for lots of stitching and lots of tv ! It was bliss ! ! ! Sadly I have been feeling very tired lately and I had to take a nap this afternoon too , but otherwise I just stitched and I also did some crochet : )

Of course I stitched only on my Lavender Fairy by Joan Elliott ! I have other wonderful WIPs hanging around , but right now the Lavender Fairy is calling my name from the moment I get out of bed until the moment I go to bed in the evening. . ! So today I stitched some of her brown hair and her left sleeve . . .

. . . and I just love the fact that I can make out her shape now ! It makes me feel even more inspired to stitch her - if that is possible ! I have a dislike for stitching skin colours since they are so similar and difficult to make out on the chart , but I am going to have to do brave those pesky colours soon. . . ! It is just much more fun to stitch the colourful dress . . .ha ha !

I am hoping that I can get lots of stitching done this coming week , as I have nothing else planned except for dog walks and icehockey matches on the box : ) It sounds like crafty heaven to me !

Happy Stitching Everyone!



  1. Love those rare days. Very pretty stitching:)

  2. I guess we appreciate them even more just because they are so rare:)

  3. Your progress is lovely. I also don't care for stitching skin, there are often a lot of fractional stitches on those parts too.

  4. How glad I am to find out that it is not only me that find skin areas tricky : ) I am going to try to tackle those areas bit by bit and mix it with more enjoyable stitching on the dress : )

  5. Wow, you can already see her form. The dress is looking great. Happy stitching:)

  6. It is great, isn't it? Now it is even more fun to stitch her!

  7. Beautiful progress! I haven't had a chance to stitch any of my JE pieces lately, but I've heard from several people that the dresses go pretty quickly. They're so pretty with all those shades.


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