Monday, 18 May 2015

Not long to go now!

Hi all,
Lately I have spent a lot of hours on Belle , the lavender fairy . All her fairy wings are stitched . . .
 . . . and I am now stitching the lavender flowers on each side of her .
The lavender itself is not difficult to stitch . I began to stitch each flower on its own and finishing off the thread before I moved to the next flower . However , it seemed as if the amount of thread the kit provided dvindled rather quickly when I did it this way , so I then decided that I would ' jump ' with the thread beween the small lavender flowers as long as the distance wasn't more than 2 - 3 aida squares . I am also going to add Kreinik for the stems , so I am hoping that any threads on the back won't show through the fabric later on .

The other two things I have left to do now is to finish the skin areas and to stitch all the little pretty flies that fly around the fairy . However , the flies are tiny which mean a lot of starting and finishing threads , and stitching the skin colours requires a lot of concentration so I'll only stitch those in the daytime . Still , I hope I can finish those last areas this week so I can start with the beads and Kreinik soon : ) Can't wait !
By the way , does any of you know whether it is possible to hand wash Polstitches hand-dyed fabrics ?
It would be nice to be able to wash the stitching since I have handled it so much . . .
Now I am going to take time to catch up with all your lovely blogs ; my stitching has taken up all of my time lately and have made me neglect my blog reading !

Happy Stitching Everyone !



  1. I am amazed at how quickly you are stitching this gorgeous fairy which is already looking stunning without beads and Kreinik.

  2. Thank you! I must admit to stitching around 6-8 hours a day, but I'm very pleased with my progress too : ) Maybe my stitching IS faster these days, now that I have stitched regularly for a few years . . .

  3. Lovely progress Annie.


  4. You're moving along fast! I think she'll be done in no time and framed! Ooh, I'm excited to see this beautiful lady finished!

  5. Thanks! Me too!! However, I do think that the beading and Kreinik will take some time too, but I will enjoy it:)

  6. Wow great progress on her. I usually carry my thread quite a way and I feel I save a lot more thread this way. But I usually dye my fabric so I can't see the thread in the back.


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