Monday, 25 May 2015

Fairy progress

Hi all!
This is just a quick post to show you my progress on Joan Elliott's Lavender Fairy .

I have managed to stitch a bit over the weekend so now all the skin areas are practically finished . I still have the backstitch left to do on her arms and shoulders and on the rest of the dress . The lavender flowers are also done , except for the stems which will be backstitched in Kreinik . The last week has been quite stressful for me so I have found it difficult to focus on my crafts , but I hope that things will quieten down now so I can get back to some serious cross stitching again : )

Happy Stitching Everyone!



  1. You have made great progress - I hope your life becomes less stressful for you so that you can enjoy your stitching more.

  2. Great progress she's lovely

  3. She's so pretty and you're almost done! Great job:)

    1. I know, right?! Now is almost only the really fun bit left with the beads and the Kreinik!

  4. Here's to some quieter days to do more of your beautiful fairy:)

  5. Thank you, Sharine! It has been so difficult; my soul has craved cross stitching but my mind and body have just been too tired : ( (

  6. Your fairy is growing so fast. Wonderful design.

  7. Thank you! I know, Joan Elliott's designs are soo beautiful!


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