Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Joan Elliott Fairies!

Hi all!
Lavender Fairy by Joan Elliott
Oh well , I just couldn't stop myself ! I just had to get the Lavender Fairy Kit out and make a start ! Sadly the start so far means ONLY stitching grids on the fabric . . .
It is such a tedious , time consuming job and I sure wish I had a marker to do this with instead . However , I don't , and I need the grids so it has to be done the old-fashioned way . Saying that though , the fabric ( Polstitches hand dyed 14HPI aida called 'Snowstorm' ) that came with the kit is stunning with swirls of purple , pink and blue so the gridding is slightly less painful than normal . . . haha!
I actually managed to get some cross stitches stitched today too . I decided to pick up an old project that has been on the shelves for a couple of years . It is another design by Joan Elliott , The Daffodil Fairy.

Daffodil Fairy by Joan Elliott
This will be a gift for my very good friend T . It originally was intended for her 50th birthday but of course I didn't make the deadline , and then I ran into trouble when I was going to stitch the fairy's delicate skin and hands, and her foot and her hair . . . well , it just got too difficult and I had to put the project to the side . However , I feel I am a more experienced stitcher now - a couple of years later - and with my newfound love for Kreinik and beads I feel ready to tackle this fairy now ! It is going to be a slow process though , but I am determined to try to get it done this year ! Wish me luck !

Happy stitching everyone !



  1. Your new start and your WIP are going to look fabulous - good luck with both of them x

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to start the real stitching on the Lavender Fairy!

  2. Aren't Joan Elliott's fairies just beautiful? Good that you pulled out the Daffodil Fairy again. And you will soon be able to start on the design of Lavender Fairy once the gridding is done.

  3. I know, they're stunning! I'm hoping I can do many more in the future, like the Sweet pea Fairy for example:)

  4. Lovely projects Annie.


  5. You've got pretty fairies there! They do look delicate and tedious but so worth the effort once finished! Great job;)


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