Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Easter stitching


Since Easter is coming I have brought out a few special cross stitched pieces at home.
First of all there is my little Easter table cloth that I stitched a few years ago.

It is not very big but I love the purple crocuses and the cute little chickens!
There is also this little Easter picture that I've stitched with some more cute chickens and some lovely tulips.

Both of these designs are from a Swedish cross stitch company. As you can see, in Sweden we have a lot of Easter chickens rather than Easter Bunnies, and we eat Easter sweets served in an Easter egg rather than actual Chocolate Eggs.  
My third piece on the other hand is from an old English cross stitch magazine, and it is actually a picture that I started to stitch while I still lived in London ten years ago. Nowadays I would not stitch a piece like this one. It is too simple for me and the design feels quite old-fasioned.

However, because of the history of it and the fact that it has come so far and I have come so far, this piece means a lot to me and it always comes out of hiding at Easter :)

Happy Stitching everyone!



  1. You have a very lovely Easter table cloth. And the two Easter pieces with all those little chicks and the bunny are so cute. I would also bring them out for Easter, old-fashioned or not :)

  2. Thank you! It is something special with Easter, isn't it? All those bright yellows and cute little bunnies and chicks...:)

  3. Lovely stitching! Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Easter.

  4. I love the little chicks! Those are some adorable pieces!

  5. They are cute, aren't they? I always enjoy bringing out these chicks!


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