Friday, 10 April 2015

Cross stitch memories : )

On my bed I have some cross stitched cushions so yesterday I took some pictures of them so I can document them on this blog . When I stitch a cross stitch project that I want to turn into a cushion I often stitch it on 11-count aida so that the motive stitches up slightly larger and more eye-catching . Stitching on 11-count aida I know that I should stitch with three threads , but since I prefer to begin with the loop method ( which you cannot do with three threads ) I almost always stitch with two threads anyway . Maybe my stitching doesn't pop the way it could with three threads , but I'm still quite happy with the results .
This first cushion I stitched from a chart in Cross Stitcher magazine .
I love the sewíng theme of this chart and the slightly whimsical feeling that reminds me of Cinderella and the birds that helped make her dress . In the original chart there was some real buttons for decoration , but since I knew I wanted to turn it into a cusion I decided to cross stich all my buttons instead .
I think this pattern comes from Cross Sticher too .

I loved the big , bright and bold flowers and all the greenery surrounding them . I used some matching flowery fabric and turned it all into a colourful cushion and I am very pleased with the end result.

This smaller cushion was stitched by my maternal grandma Gerd . She used to cross stitch a lot when she was younger , and I remember this cushion on their sofa when I grew up .

These days she's in her eighties and sadly she can only manage long stitch due to her eyesight . It really is a charming cushion ; grandma wasn't a cross stitch expert and looking closely at the stitching I can see the top stitches going in different directions and the back isn't the neatest . However , that is what I love about this cushion ! It shows my grandma's love of stitching and her enjoyment of it , regardless of if it was perfectly executed or not : ) A lesson to us all , and me in particular !
The final stitched cushion is from my paternal grandma Mary . She REALLY was a cross stich wizard!

I remember her sitting on her livingroom couch with her huge charts on the table and her huge stitching in her lap . She stitched big , gorgeous pictures and the most impressive one is a panoramic view of Stockholm which now lives at my dad's place . I tell you , she would have LOVED to stich HEAD pictures! This particular project was sadly not finished before she passed away , and my mum very kindly finished it and turned it into a cushion for me . Now it has pride of place on my bed together with the other cushions and reminds me of wonderful stitchers in the family and the simple joy of stiching .
Happy stitching everyone !


  1. That is sweet :) I love the fact that they passed on their stitching love to you :)

  2. Yes, stitching and craft is definitely in the family. I just wish I could have had a chance to sit down and stitch with them, especially my paternal grandmother. My other grandma recently had eye-surgery so she cannot stitch at all right now:(

  3. Wow, everything looks magnificent! No wonder you stitch beautifully, you come from a family of great stitchers;)

    1. Haha, I'm not sure about the 'beautiful' stitching , but I definitely think I have crafts in my genes : ) Both my sister - CARINA (see next comment) - and my mum do a lot of different crafts too : )

  4. Especially seeing the last cushion evoked lots of memories in me of our grandparents. As you know, I spent a lot of time with grandma Mary and her cross stitching. She really was a person you could talk to, and I was so fascinated of her huge cross stitching works. And she explaind what she was doing and how she was able to do these large works. I also remember her working on her big Stockholm work and how amazed I was over it. Dad really needs to take a couple of pictures of it so you can show it to the world, here at the blog:) Love 'ya

  5. These days I sure wish I could have enjoyed a stitching session togeter with her...

  6. Your cushions are so pretty and must make your bedroom a wonderful place to relax in.

  7. It does:) I love surrounding myself with things that I and my relatives have made:)


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