Sunday, 5 April 2015

Cross stitched gifts for my sister!


Hope you are having a nice Easter:)
Yesterday me and my dogs celebrated Easter at my sister's house together with my nearest family . We had a lovely afternoon with lots of good food and good company :) Since I'm trying to document all the cross stitched pieces I ' ve done ,  I sneaked around with my iphone taking pictures of a couple of cross stitched things I have given to my sister in the last few years.

One of the things she has received is this little mini-cusion. . .

. . .designed by Joan Elliott. It was fun to stich, came together nicely and I am quite pleased with how I finished it too : ) Overall, I'm very pleased with this one  : )

For her last birthday I stiched her this picture ( I think the design is from Cross Stitcher magazine ).

It was a relatively easy project , and I loved the whole vintage vibe : )
The last thing I took a picture of was this little ornament that she received last christmas.
I love to give cross stitched gifts if I know that the recipient will appreciate my work and the time I have put in. . . and since my sister is also into crafts like me , she is one of my favorite people to stitch for : )
I ' m curious , who do YOU like to stitch for ??
Happy Stiching,


  1. Beautiful gifts for your sister. I'm stitching for my daughter at the moment:)

    1. Yes I hope she likes them : ) If I had been lucky enough to have children , I'm sure I would have stitched lots of things for them too . . .

  2. The little cushion is hanging at my bedpost, so It's one of the first things I see every morning, reminding me of what a great sister I have:) ❤️

  3. Your sister can't possible be any better than my sister ha ha !!!
    Love you , sis !


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