Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lots of fractionals. . .

Hi all!

I have been stitching on the delicate 'headpiece' that the Daffodil Fairy has in her hair . . .

I find it a really fiddly thing to stitch . There are so many fractionals and I have to use a magnifier to make out all the different colours on the chart .

After being at it for a couple of hours I had done these stitches in different greens and was forced to stop since I was getting tired from concentrating so hard when reading the chart . This fairy will be a real LABOUR of love , but if I can put in a couple of hours of work on it most days, I should be able to finish it this year . . .
I'm almost finished gridding the fabric for the Lavender Fairy, and I can't wait to begin stitching it!  
The kit has some lovely green and purple threads that I cannot wait to stich with . . . !
Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Looking great! That's true, any additional stitch is still progress no matter what. Keep going;)

  2. I just have to face the fact that this one will take time . . .but I CAN do it!!

  3. She is looking sooo beautiful. And once she is done you won't think of all the fiddly stitching but you will only see her beauty.

  4. Thank you Brigitte for your encouragement! I need it!!

  5. Daffodils are my favorite, so I'm loving seeing your progress on this one. I know what you mean about fractionals and similar colors though. The project I worked on all weekend was full of both, and it does take a LOT of concentration!

  6. another beautiful fairy, such lovely colours


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