Monday, 27 April 2015

More Lavender Fairy . . . and more stash ( Oh No ) !

Hi all!

I had a nice time visiting my grandma over the weekend , but I am glad to be home again with my four-legged boys : )
Sadly my plans to do lots of cross stitching did not go as planned due to bad lightning at my grandma's . I stitched a little ( because I had such a stitching urge ) but it was hard on my eyes and I had to do some frogging at times too . . . Still , this is how far I got on the Lavender Fairy over the weekend . . .

Sorry the photo is so dark : (
Today I was so pleased to be back home in my usual stitching spot on my couch with my own stitching lamp , so I just HAD to stitch some more ! There was dishes waiting in the zink , a messy living room to tidy up , bags to unpack , but I just wanted to stitch some more on my fairy . . .

So this is as far as I got today : ) I almost always stitch by colour , and I move to the area that takes my fancy as I stitch . Stitching the beautiful skirt is what takes my fancy right now with all its lovely colours of purple , violet , and blues ! Gorgeous !
While I stitched , one of my darling boys buried himself in the doggy basket...

...while one of his 'brothers' kept an eye on me and my stitching !

I bought a new English cross stitch magazine ( Cross Stitch Crazy issue 203) during my trip , since I saw this lady . . .

Art Deco Lady by Joan Elliott

...and I just had to have her ! ! There are lots of beads added to this design which I love , as well as the lovely pinks and greens ! I also like the fact that the design is not too big ( 140 x 110 ) so it will not take too long to stitch ! I had a look through my stash today and I had about half of the threads , so I have to order the rest of the threads as well as the beads before I can start to stitch her . I cannot wait ! I just keep seeing more and more designs I want to stitch . . . which is lovely. . . but annoying!
How on earth am I going to stitch them all ? ? ! !
I am sure none of you have that problem. . . . ha ha ha !

Happy Stitching everyone !



  1. Beautiful stitching. Your 4 legged babies are so cute:)

    1. They are, aren't they?! I know I'm biased ( nooo , really?! ) but still . . .!

  2. You got a lot done on your fairy! I'm with you on wanting to stitch all those wonderful patterns.Takes a lot of willpower to resist. Patience is a virtue:)

    1. Oh no , I guess I have no willpower at all then . . .! I KNEW I had a problem . . . ha ha !

  3. You've made fantastic progress on your fairy. Your new project looks pretty too. I have the same problem - far too many tempting projects all the time.

  4. We just have to stop looking at it as a PROBLEM , and start to think of all the wonderful stitching we have in front of us , for the rest of our lives . . .! If only we did not have to spend any money along the way though . . .: )

  5. I love the Lavender Fairy and I can't wait to see more of it in the future, nice work so far!

    Thea @  Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place

  6. Thank you ! The Lavender Fairy certainly is a joy to stitch !


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