Monday, 2 November 2015

My Little X-stitch Nook goes Xmas!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you soo much for your lovely comments on my previous post:=) They really warmed my heart...and made me carry on my happy dance for a bit longer lol! It really is a wonderful feeling when you have managed a finish, and the longer you have been working on it, the better it feels, doesn't it??

Anyway, now that we have reached the month of November, I decided to decorate My Little X-stitch Nook for Xmas:) I am a huge fan of Xmas - as you may have noticed already - and of course my cross stitch blog should reflect that:) I have added some special Xmas designs to the header that mean a great deal to me!

The first design to the left... already know about:) My UFO that I have finished after a decade of hanging around...:)

The second design...

...was stitched by my mum and given to me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. She made one for herself first, and when she noticed that I really loved the design - I adore old-fashioned Santas - she secretly stitched it again for me! Since I really don't like to stitch something over and over again, I really appreciate that mum made the effort to make me another one of the same design. And as a cross stitcher myself - and it was mum that taught me to stitch as a child - I know how many hours go into a project like this one..!
The third design...
...comes from a set of Xmas designs that my dad bought for me soon after I moved home to Sweden. This is one of the first designs I finished after I picked up cross stitching again here in Sweden, and I really, really like the design:) Initially it was a framed in a red frame but last Xmas my youngest furbaby got hold of the picture and destroyed the frame so this Xmas I have put it in a white frame. High above the reach of any doggy teeth... 
The forth and final cross stitch picture is the most precious one to me.

My mum stitched this a long time ago, and I remember it displayed on the wall every Xmas when I was a child. It really embodied 'Christmas feeling' to me as a child. When I was a teenager, I really wanted to have a copy of this work myself, so mum kindly let me have the chart and I started to stitch it. However, a lot of things happened in my life, and in my parents' life, and somewhere along the way my stitching and the chart went missing and have never been found again. My parents divorced and I moved to England...

Over a decade later I returned home to Sweden and at my first Christmas at home I saw this picture at my mum's again and it filled me with wonderful Xmas feelings and lovely memories of childhood Christmases! Once again I was filled with love for this design and my lovely mum noticed this. So then she did something amazing! She used this stitched design (stitched on 11-count aida) as an actual chart and copied the motive onto 14-count aida so that the next picture ended up a bit smaller. Then she gave me the original stitched piece and kept the new one for helself! When I think of the lenghts she went to to give me this lovely say that I treasure this picture is an understatement!
It is just a VERY VERY special cross stitch picture and symbolizes true Christmas spirit to me!




  1. Aww great post! By hate so great you have all of these special pieces I'm glad you shared :)

  2. Very festive and very nice pieces of stitching:)

  3. Such wonderful stories and memories attached to beautifully stitched pieces.

  4. I really, really enjoyed this post Annie.

  5. Love the Christmas vibe in here! Lovely christmas stitching by your family for a really special season:)

  6. I love your new header. And I loved to hear the stories behind each of these projects.


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