Friday, 30 October 2015

A UFO finish!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm doing a very happy dance over here in Sweden!!


Well, tonight I have finished my Swedish Santa UFO that I started over ten years ago!!!

I decided to stitch on it today as part of my Friday Frolicing , and it looked like this when I started stitching on it midday . . .

So I finished the sky and did some backstitched tree outlines and other missing bits of backstitch . Eventually I couldn't find any more missing stitches so here it is , AT LAST :

You may remember that I struggled with what to do about the Santas facial features . . . The original chart was not very precise , and when I tried to stitch the eyes etc following the chart it just looked horrible ! So then I thought I'd just leave out the details of the face . . . However , today I decided to try to add something to the face, so I stitched one eye and a happy mouth . I'm actually quite pleased with how his face turned out and it definitely looks better than on the original chart : )

So once again , here is another look at my FINISHED Swedish Santa picture that I started to stich over ten years ago , when I still lived in England . The chart is from a Swedish magazine dated 2003 so it is about time , wouldn't you say ? !

I feel really good about this finish : = )

Hope you all have a good weekend filled with stitching!



  1. Congrats on the job well done! I think the face looks very good, I wouldn't have guessed you made it up yourself:)

  2. Such a great finish, Annie. Congratulations. IT looks gorgeous and I love what you were doing with little Santa's face. Good idea.

  3. What a great finish! And it is finally done! Yay!

  4. Amazing piece of stitching - just in time for this years festivities - well done on another finish.

  5. Congrats on the beautiful finish Annie. His face looks great.


  6. Congrats it looks great! The facial features are very well done.

  7. Congrats on another lovely christmas finish. Swedish Santa is so unique!


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