Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Xmas finish!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post to show you my latest finish:)

This time it is my new Xmas Iphone case:

I love these cases that you can stitch on, and I did my first one this spring:) However, I felt it was time to have a case with a Xmas theme. Most of the Xmas tree is designed by Lesley Teare, but I had to make some changes to it to fit the case. Otherwise it is all my own design:)

I have used quite a lot of metallics to add some bling to the case...

...and the red letters say Merry Xmas in Swedish:)

This particular case can also be stitched on the sides which actually was a bit tricky.

However, it was well worth the effort, and overall I am very pleased with my new Xmas case:)

Hope you all find some time for stitching this weekend!



  1. Oh metallic bling! Fantastic!

  2. Oh great, it is finished! And in time to use it for quite a while before Christmas will be over and you have to change it. Great stitching.


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