Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Busy week

Hello Everyone!

It's very busy times for me over here in Sweden right now:) On Sunday I'm having my annual Xmas get-together for friends and family so I'm spending my days with Xmas baking, Xmas decorating and lots of household chores in order for everything to be ready for Sunday.

Sadly that means that I have had very little time for stitching in the last week or so, and I miss it. I have made a promise to myself though, that next week I'm going to spend lots of time stitching and resting before it is time to start preparing all the festive foods for Xmas.
I have managed to do a little bit of stitching and crafting though. Firstly I have put up my Swedish Santa on my livingroom wall.

I just used some thick felt as a backing but it turned out fine I think. It feels great to finally be able to enjoy this picture:)

Then I finished a Xmas stocking I made for my sister:) We exchanged stockings this year and when I saw this chart in Cross Stitcher...

...it seemed perfect for a stocking. And this is what it looked like finished!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I hope it will look great at my sister's:))

I have also made some Xmas crochet potholders...

...as Xmas gifts, although I haven't finished off the loose threads yet...!As you may know by now, GOD JUL means Merry Xmas in Swedish:)

Hopefully I can be back with some more stitching progress next week!



  1. Wonderful work Annie. Most especially your sister's stocking!

  2. Congrats they all look great! I adore the stocking. Good luck with your decorating and baking I have to start my baking too probably next weekend.

  3. Glad to see Swedish Santa finished and on your wall, just with that I think you're ready to host that get-together! Love the stocking you made for sis:)

  4. Beautiful pieces; I especially like the stocking!

  5. Your Christmas scenery piece looks gorgeous the way you finished it, Annie. And that stocking for your sister is a real dream. I love the little white stag - or is it a reindeer? Anyway, it looks so nice.

  6. The Christmas stocking is lovely Annie and I love your Swedish Santa, looks great.


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