Saturday, 14 November 2015

A quiet time with Xmas stitching...

Hello Everyone!

This weekend I am resting and doing a lot of stitching. I have several Xmas gift projects still on the go that needs attention and I have a feeling I will be stitching like crazy in the next few weeks to get them done! Sadly I cannot show you any of those yet, but I have put in another hour or so this week on Gingerbread House sampler...

...which means a couple of more letters and a Christmas tree:) I'm planning to spend another hour on this one tonight - it is really addictive:)

Today I decided to stitch me an A from the Winter ABC designed by Fiona Baker in Cross Stitch Crazy issue 209.

Isn't it sweet? I really liked this ABC when I saw it; partly because of the winter theme and partly because it had hardly any backstitch:) Yay! I'm normally quite a slow stitcher, but this little chart came together really quickly so I'm hoping to do a few more letters:) And it was really fun to stitch too!
Whilst stitching and watching skiing on the telly, one of my furbabies lay sleeping next to me on the sofa...doesn't he look comfy??

I have a feeling he enjoyed the quiet time I spent stitching just as much as I did:)




  1. You have an absolutely adorable stitching companion!

  2. Steady progress on the Gingerbread house and a lovely new start. Good luck with your Christmas stitching. My mother in law likes to watch the skiing too. Your fur baby looks very contented.

  3. Aww cute stitching and cute puppy :)

  4. Oh your pup is precious. I am working very hard on Christmas gift stitching also.

  5. Those are sweet designs you're working on, and with sweet puppy too!


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