Friday, 4 December 2015

Purples and candy canes...

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all doing well:) I hosted a lovely Christmas Party last Sunday for family and friends, and after that I have been completely exhausted..! I worked so hard getting everything ready for that party that I ran out of steam once it was all over and all the home-made goodies were eaten.

So this week I have tried to take it easy, relax and work on all my Xmas gift projects that I have left to do. I have at least five on the go so I desperately trying NOT to get stressed by them all. Luckily there's plenty of sports on the television that keep me company as I stitch away. I enjoy all the projects, but I still found myself longing to stich on one of my own pieces so last night I got the Gingerbread House Sampler out again and promised myself an hour of stitching time on it.

Here is where I picked it up...

...and an hour later I had soo much fun with this one that I just had to carry on stitching it until it was time for bed:) It felt a little bit like a guily pleasure, but I thorougly enjoyed my time with this sparkly stitch:)
This is where I stopped when it was time for bed... 

A bit more of the border, some more purple and a couple of candy canes etc. I can't wait to get back to this one again, but now I have to 'be good' and finish some other more urgent projects first..:)

Now I'm going to watch the final of the best season ever of Swedish Pop Idol!

Happy Stitching!



  1. While it was tiring it sounds as if you and your guests had a wonderful time. You certainly deserved to treat yourself with stitching on your own piece which is looking fabulous. I am sure you will get those projects finished in time - hugs x

  2. Great progress. just a few more stitches and you'll have another pretty finish! Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed your party:)


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