Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hooked on crochet

Hello Everyone!

Today I don't have much cross stitching progress to show you, since I'm in an insane crochet flow just now. All I want to do is crochet:) All day, every day!

One of the things I've been working on is a crochet storage basket. The inspiration for the basket comes from the wonderful Swedish crochet blog Bautawitch . The reason I needed a storage basket is because I have a new craft shelf in my livingroom, and I thought a handmade basket would be perfect for this shelf. So, instead of having this horrible and not-so-organized corner of the livingroom...

...I decided to have a tall, narrow IKEA shelf (couldn't fit in a wider shelf ). I originally wanted a dark shelf that would blend in well with the wallpaper, but the only shelf available in the shop was a white version so white is what I came home with lol.
Then my creative sister helped me to cover some storage boxes with leftover wallpaper, so the shelf blends in pretty well in the end, anyway:

And on top of my new tall narrow shelf is my new homemade storage basket...

...which is far away from perfect but was really fun to crochet:)

I've also been working on my left-over-yarn crochet blanket...

...which is coming along very nicely. My furbabies already love it and have tested the required cosiness of my new blanket:)

The only stitching I've done lately is on the PS Santas...

...but I'm afraid the progress isn't too impressive.
I'm not sure how much stitching I'll get done in the coming week, since I'm finding it hard to put down my crochet hook at the moment...:)
Happy crafting!


  1. Annie, your new shelf looks great - what a good idea to cover the shelf boxes with your wall paper. Great progress on your crochet blanket and you know, if the creative flow is crocheting - just go with it - it is all about enjoying what you are doing.

  2. Looks like we're on the same path, I'm in an organizing mood as well, lol. My fabric and pattern storage desperately need straightening too (now that I'm done with the floss stash). Love your new shelf and your crochet is so beautiful! Great progress on the Santas:)

  3. That's a great idea with the wallpaper! I'm glad you're having fun crocheting you should do what makes you happy :). Lovely progress on Santas too :)

  4. The blanket looks so pretty!

  5. Your unit looks fabulous - love the paper. Enjoy your crochet and pick up your stitching when you feel like it-both look good.

  6. Oh the shelf looks great. Keep on going with the crochet! Have fun! Love that blanket. And your precious pup. ♥

  7. Lovely is the dog!

  8. Annie, I perfectly know that feeling, just concerning cross stitching. I only want to stitch, nothing else - and sometimes I do exactly that, lol.
    Your new shelves looks great with the containers. A very creative idea from your sister.

  9. Wonderful idea with shelf with baskets. it looks like solid wall! The colors of blanket are so suitable to the colors of your dog :)


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