Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Cosy Happy Dance!

Hello Everyone!
So, before I get stuck into my Prarie Schooler stash, I decided to actually finish a project:)
Just to make me feel just a little less guilty about starting yet more projects lol! And what project could be better than my Cosy cushion that I worked on before I ran out of threads. Obviously the needed thread colours were in my new thread stash, so with everything needed at hand I dug through my pile of WIPs to find it and get started before the weekend.
Before I show you my pictures I want to remind you of what the original cushion looked like:

It's from Cross Stitcher magazine issue 301, and it is designed by Felicity Hall. I REALLY liked the phrase on the cushion, but I wasn't so keen on the colours she had used. Therefore I exchanged them for more pinks and purples (my favorite colours). Let me know if you want the exact thread colour I used and I'll do an extra post on them. I also decided to use 11-count aida to make the cushion cover a bit bigger.

So this is as far as I had stitched when I ran out of hot pink:

As well as using other colours than the originals, I decided to play around a bit with the motifs. I added some more cute snowflakes for example. I also decided to stitch a more prominent border.

So that meant that when my version of the Cosy cushion was done, it looked like this:

I'm very happy with my work, and I am definitely happy that I did a bit more with the border! I do love the pom-poms trims they have added to the original cushion, and I think I have some black pom-pom trims I can add to the cushion when I sew it together:)
But that will have to wait for a bit; now I really want to get stuck into my PS stitching. I actually have made a little start on a chart, but now Gominam at Stitch Niche has suggested that I start stitching my PS Santas like she is, so that we can cheer each other on:) That sounds like a lot of fun so I might have to do that, although she is bound to finish her Santas well, well before me lol!

Now I wish you all a very stitchy week to come. Myself, I'm off to do some more Happy Dancing!



  1. Wow, what a read. That's a great finish, I'm guilty of changing colors too to my liking, do what makes you happy and everything will be perfect. And was I surprised to read that last part, lol. Happy to cheer you on with your PS phase. Who knows I might get stuck with backstitch. This will be fun:)

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Annie. Your design and color changes are perfect.


  3. That looks great! I really like the extra border!

    Good luck on your PS stitching!

  4. Congratulations on finishing this lovely design. Why not make colour changes for the colours we prefer.
    I'm curious to see how you will start your PS Santas.

  5. Very nice color changes. My favorites also.
    Have fun with your PS stash now!

  6. Well done on your finish it looks absolutely fabulous. I look forward to seeing your PS stitching - I have a few Santa charts from PS

  7. Wow congrats I love your conversion!


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