Thursday, 5 May 2016

Struggling with life....

Dear Friends,

Life has been a bit of a struggle lately. My computer has crashed and I've struggled with my depression and aches and pains.    
Except for some crochet not much else is getting done around here and that sadly includes blogging and reading all your lovely blogs, for which I'm very sorry. I've been given a second-hand computer that I hope I can get up and running soon, and meanwhile I'll have to use my iPhone  for everything, including writing this post.

The only project I've stitched on lately is my PS  Santas...

...but it is going very slowly.

Instead I've been doing lots of crochet since that has been the only thing that has inspired me lately. I've been doing a version of granny squares...

...for a cushion and...

... a potholder. I've also made various little pieces...

...that eventually will be turned into various things like...

....this little crochet heart. The inspiration for these projects mostly comes from the wonderful Swedish crochet blog

Hope you're all doing well and finding time for your crafting😊



  1. I hope things start looking up! I use my iPhone exclusively for my blog posts :). Great progress!

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon. :) Your crocheted pieces are lovely!

  3. Dear Annie I can relate completely as of lately. I am coping. Thank God for our furry friends, right? Hang in there. We will be here. At least that is what I too am counting on!!

  4. Warm hugs being sent to you, I hope life seems brighter for you real soon x.. Love all your crocheting.

  5. I'm so sorry you are struggling right now. Your crochet projects look wonderful - very colorful. And your cross stitch project is coming along too.

  6. Hello Annie, hope you're feeling much better now. I love your crochet pieces, esp. the hearts, and the colors you chose can brighten one's day. Your Santa is looking great too! Take care ok.

  7. Your stitching and crocheting looks so pretty. And I hope that it can also lift your heart and your mood so that you can feel better.

  8. Hugs Annie. Your crafting looks beautiful:)


Reading your lovely comments truly makes my day, so thank you!