Friday, 15 April 2016

Potholder and cute freebie!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all well?
I've had a good week including a nice visit to the movies (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2) as a birthday treat for my sister.
I have been stitching too but I can't show you what yet:(
What I CAN show you is a potholder that I'm crocheting:

In general I'm not a 'beige' fan, but I've fallen in love with this particular colour-combo! I just love the general vintage feel of it:)
Today I also received my montly Cross Stitcher magazine, and it had a really cute freebie gift with it:

So sweet and definitely on my never-ending stitching-to-do list:)

I'll be back with some more stitching updates soon, and I hope you'll all have a nice stitchy weekend:)



  1. Lovely job I still need to see that!

  2. The colours on the potholder look very nice together. And that little freebie gift is so sweet. I think I would stitch it immediately (says the one whose to-stitch-as-soon-as-possible pile is as high as the mountains here, lol.)

  3. Oh wow! Oh wow! I am in love with that crochet. That is sooooooooooo lovely. Truly. I COULD NOT, NOT use it for a pot holder. So pretty.

  4. Love your crochet project. The freebie is so cute, now you have your hands full with these lovelies. I'm stitching PS Santas tomorrow, beware, haha.

  5. Liked this potholder and the freebie. You made this potholder brilliantly. Glad that you had a great time on your sister’s birthday. I will be attending my cousin’s birthday party at local party venues this month. Eagerly looking forward to that day!


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