Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Happy days!

Hello Everyone!

Today I received my new stash!!! I was thrilled to bits to receive it so quickly; the delivery time was said to be 2-4 weeks but I got it in less than two weeks:) They must have known how desperate I've been to get my new charts and threads LOL!

So of course you  want to know what was in the parcel, right?! And of course I can't wait to show you LOL!
First of all I ordered some DMC threads.

Threads so I can finish some WIPs, and threads for some new projects:) Even though I knew that I needed more than one skein of some colours, I decided to order just one of every shade. Then I can at least make a start on my projects, and hopefully I can afford to order more threads as and when I need them.

Then I just had to order some more aida fabric in some gorgeous colour. Here in Sweden it is very difficult to get hold of colored aida, so this time I picked a lovely piece of lime green aida which I can't wait to use:) I tried to take a picture of it, but the photo wouldn't do it justice at all so you just have to imagine it lol.

Now on to the most exiting part of my new stash - my new charts!
Firstly I picked this chart by Ursula Michael:

I've seen these kind of charts around other cross stitching blogs and I really liked the look of them. And when I found this cross stitched themed one, I just had to have it!

But above all I wanted some Prarie Schooler charts, and I picked these books:

I just love them! And I also love that their blank and white charts are so easy to read! Normally I prefer coloured charts, but when they are as clear as the PS charts I have no problem whatsoever with black and white ones:)
I also bought the PS Santa from 2006 since I really liked the sewing theme:

This means that together with the two Santas that were gifted to me by the lovely Brigitte, I now have THREE PS Santas...

...and I hope to collect even more red cuties:))

I'm just soo happy about my new stash, and I can't wait to start some new projects (and perhaps finish a few WIPs)! The only thing that remains doing is to decide which PS book I'm going to pick first...
Any suggestions??

Happy Stitching Everyone!
Over here I can see a Prarie Schooler weekend coming up lol!



  1. Yay! I know how anxious you were to receive these supplies. Have fun!!

  2. Love your new stash Annie. I think you should start with January.


  3. So great that your new stash finally arrived. Yes, they must have known how much you were waiting for the new charts and the threads. Great choice of PS charts that you made.

  4. Awesome! I love the butterfly! You should do the night before Christmas :)

  5. Woohoo! Another PS-apocalypse panic buyer, haha. Love your great selection of PS charts! Can't wait to see you start, I hope you'll do the Santas so we can stitch at the same time and give each other a poke for an amazing job, lol! I have the sewing and stitching ones along with the quilting and crochet/knitting.


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