Sunday, 24 January 2016

Three little houses...

Hello Everyone!

This week did not turn out as I had planned... I had such stitching mojo last Saturday, and I thought I'd spend the whole week stitching and writing several posts to show you all how well I had done lol!

Instead I spent most of the week feeling utterly exhausted which meant I lost my stitching mojo, which meant that I didn't stitch anywhere as much as I had planned. And then when I started to feel a bit better on Friday and planned to start a long stitching weekend, my youngest furbaby - who has several health issues (like his mummy) - started to feel very poorly instead.

So of course I couldn't focus on my stitching, and even though my poor darling is doing better now, I'm still feeling distracted by my concern fo him and worry that he'll get worse again. Sadly I've had to take him to the vet more times in four years than the other two furbabies together...

This means that I've only stitched a bit here and there, and to help my mojo I decided to pick a new small project  that I fell in love with when I saw it online. It's these cute little cottages designed by Maria Diaz from Cross Stitcher issue 297.

I finally managed to get hold of a back issue online so I picked out suitable threads and fabric from my own stash since I didn't have the exact ones used in the magazine.
This is the first cottage I stitched:

I used white beads as snowflakes and red and gold beads in the Christmas tree instead of French knots. As you can see the white thread doesn't show very well, so on the next cottage I decided to use white satin thread, as well as add a few more white beads:

As you can see the satin thread didn't work perfectly either, so for the third and final cottage I decided to use another fabric, and then I added some more white cross stitches to increase the overall snowy effect.

This cottage turned into my favorit of the three, but I'm sure they all will look very sweet once I get around to finish them... It's quite possible I'll stitch these again soon since they are so cute and so much fun to stitch as well as fast to finish:))

Tomorrow I'm taking all the dogs to get their yearly booster shots and then I hope things can quieten down for all of us so I can relax and get some serious stitching done. As it is right now I can only focus on doing small projects, in between checking up on my furbabies and worrying about them and trying to catch up on very boring housework that I ignored when I felt under the weather...

So let's all keep our fingers crossed that I'll be able to write another post soon showing off all my progress this coming week lol.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Your cottages are sweet. I am sorry your beagle is ill.

  2. I hope your furbaby is soon feeling much better - they are always such a concern especially as they can't tell us how they are feeling.

    I hope you are feeling fully fit soon and your stitching Mojo and your furbabies health allows you to stitch on larger projects too.

    Your cottages are all gorgeous.

  3. Awe I hope your baby gets better soon. He looks like a sweetheart. You still made good progress even though you didn't have much stitchy time. It's definitely a good excuse for it

  4. Congrats on the cute finishes Annie. I hope you and the furbabies get to feeling better real soon.


  5. I hope you and your furbaby are doing better now. Great stitching:)

  6. I hope your furbaby feels better soon. Your cottages are adorable:)

  7. These cottages are so sweet, I think I would also have to stitch them if I owned the magazine. Very nice, the changes you made.
    I hope you feel better now, and your dog, too.


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