Thursday, 14 January 2016

Christmas gifts made and received...and snow!

Hello Everyone!

I'm very sad to say that this week I have not had time to stitch anything yet, since I have had to sort out my place after Christmas... Packing up all the Christmas stuff, bringing the boxes down to the cellar, removing all the left-over pine tree needles from my beautiful Xmas tree that now resides on my balcony, washing all my Xmas cushion covers etc etc...

Not much fun but VERY necessary! I'm just about finished now though, so I can't wait to pick up a needle again:) I have continued to go through cross stitching magazines though and looking for gift ideas, and I've done some sorting out of my projects to make sure I only have the very up-to-date projects close at hand and the others tucked away for now. I also plan go to through all my stitching freebies to see which ones I KNOW I'll never stitch, and therefore can use the fabric pieces etc for other things.

Since I don't have any stitching progress to show you this time, I thought I take this opportunity to show you some more homemade gifts from this past Xmas.

My sister made this wonderful picture for me:)

I also received this beautiful decoration from my sister...

...and this picture too:) Ring any bells???

My mum stitched this bookmark for me on 16-count aida... well as this little cute needlebook:)

I made decorated jars for every female in my family with their stitched initial
on the lid.

For my aunts I decorated towels...

...with their first name.

I made this little cushion for my sister...

...and decorated this teatowel with a band of strawberries. 14 strawberries to
be exact...!

I made these little key fobs for my sister and BIL. The dog looks just like
one furbaby they have:)
Now, that just about wraps up a wonderful Christmas 2015. Now we're in the middle of a lot of snow and very cold temperatures over here in Sweden (minus 16 degrees Celcius), so I'll leave you all with some snowy pics...

 Happy Stitching Everyone!



  1. Wow! I love the gifts you made AND received! I am the only crafty one in the family, so I am the one giving handmade gifts.

  2. Oh, yes. Your dogs are adorable!

  3. Congrats on all of the awesome finishes Annie. Love the snow pics.


  4. Beautiful Christmas gifts both made by yourself and recieved. Ooh that's cold we very rarely get below freezing so can't even imagine how cold it must be for you and your furbabies.

  5. Wow great gifts on both sides! I definitely remember those strawberries lol! I really love how the jars turned out that's such a cute idea. The snow looks so fun :)

  6. Lovely gifts from a creative family. Those gifts you made were awesome, the decorated jar is so neat! Im sure everyone loved their presents, youre so sweet.

  7. Oh my, Annie, all these gifts that you made are gorgeous. And also the ones that you received.
    We also have snow since last Friday - we got half a meter within one day. I was outside five times for at least an hour each time to shovel snow, it took nearly the whole day. And then I was so tired that I couldn't stitch in the evening.


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