Sunday, 31 January 2016

A bit of cross stitch and crochet and scrapbooking...

Hello Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well:)
Over here all my furbabies are back to good health again, thankfully!
As you can see I've removed all the Xmas decorations from the blogg - finally - and added a new header  (with much needed help from my sister). However, I'm still playing around with the colours etc so please bear with me for a while until I make up my mind on this very complicated matter LOL.
This week I picked up Festive Flurry again, and this is how far I had gotten before this week:

Tonight I've gotten this far!

I've finished almost all the colourful buildings, and now I'm left with some of the more boring areas like the snow and the bottom of the snowglobe. Still, I'm very excited about this project and I hope I can finish it soon; can't wait to put it up on my wall!
I've also finished the stitching part of my January Christmas ornament for the Christmas Ornie SAL ...
Designed by Lesley Teare from Cross Stitch Crazy issue 170
...which I feel quite proud of actually since I didn't get around to stitching the ornaments for November and December... I hope to do better this year and I'm off to a good start. However, I will save the finishing touches for later on in the year and do them all at once.
I've also gotten my crochet mojo back and started on a blanket inspired by the wonderful Lucie in Attic 24 . I have so many balls of different yarns laying around so I thought I'd start a leftover-yarn-blanket in order to lessen my stash. Good idea, right?!

Of course I had to do some form of colour coordination, and once I had started it looked so good...and I just had to buy some more balls of coordinating yarn LOL! It's supposed to be a leftover-yarn project, not a new yarn project...! I'm sure you've never done ANYTHING like this yourselves??? I know this is probably going to be a forever project, but I'm enjoying it and that's what counts, right?!

Lastly, I just HAVE to show you the beautiful handmade 'blogging' journal my sister has made for me:

I just can't wait to fill its beautiful pages...
...with lots of ideas for my three blogs...
 ...and all the other things that makes me treasure...

...being part of this wonderful blogosphere!
Thank you all for brightening up my life <3



  1. That blanket rocks! What gorgeous colors. Your sister is awesome.

  2. I love Festive Flurry Annie. Would you be interested in selling the chart when your done? The blanket and ornament look great. The journal is beautiful.


  3. So much prettiness in one post. Lol at buying more yarn for your scrap project:)

  4. Wow I adore the journal it's awesome! I love your blanket too it's turning out great :). I haven't leaned to crochet or knit yet but I love everyone's projects. I love your stitching too especially the stained glass. I have a particular affinity for it although I haven't figured out why yet


Reading your lovely comments truly makes my day, so thank you!