Saturday, 16 January 2016

Stitchy Saturday with a Happy Dance!

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a perfect day in my life; lots of stitching and lots of sports on the telly!
Yesterday I started stitching on a cute little blackwork heart and I showed my progress on the Friday Frolics SAL . Today I finished it and I'm very pleased with it:)

From Cross Stitch Crazy issue 203
Designer: Lesley Teare
 I used some bright freebie threads from an old issue of Cross Stitcher and it was a really fun stitch! I enjoy doing blackwork, and I especially enjoy the speed with which a blackwork project grows lol:) And using other colours except for black is really fun; I'm thinking of doing some blackwork in bright pink och a bright orange:)

Today I also dug out an UFO that has been in my to-finish pile for a couple of years. It's from a set of four Stitchers' sayings by Rhona Norrie, and I have already stitched one of them:

Cross Stitch Crazy issue 165
The second one that became a UFO was almost finished. I just had a tiny bit of backstitch left and a bunch of french knots to do, but for some reason I didn't finish it... And then the amount of french knots I had left to do put me off...well, you can imagine what happened. Other exciting projects came along and one more project ended up on the UFO pile...
But I came across it again during the week and I realised that now that I'm becoming comfortable with beads, I could actually replace the french knots with beads and then I would have a UFO-finish! So today I looked through my beads, and whilst the original chart had french knots in a pale blue colour, I really wanted to go for beads that would pop against the fabric and the rest of the design. Therefore I picked yellow beads...

...and this is how it turned out:) Bright and colourful:) And I can do a Happy Dance! Yay!

I'm in such a cross stitching mood right now; if I can just sit and stitch with a needle in my hand everything's alright in my world:)

Hope you've all found some time for stitching this weekend!



  1. Congrats on the cute finishes Annie.


  2. Your blackwork heart looks so delicate and very pretty. I like the yellow beads on your latest finish makes it feel very much like Spring is in the air - if only!

  3. Congrats on the pretty finishes. The stitcher''s sayings are so colorful, neat sayings:)

  4. Oh, such pretty finishes. I feel the same about stitching.

  5. Such a lovely blackwork heart, but no, it's green work, lol. It looks great. And a clever idea to finish the second saying with beads instead of French knots. Will you also stitch the remaining two sayings of the series?

    1. I'm still on the fence on that one...I really like the general designs, but the other two quotes aren't quite right to my stitching life...I might have to personalize them a bit if I stitch them. We'll see:)

  6. They look great! Lovely choice of yellow beads!


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