Sunday, 2 August 2015

Aida band projects!

Hi Everyone !

The last few days I have started to stitch on my old unused aida bands . Since I find counts smaller than 14-count way too fiddly , I was a bit scared of stitching on the bands . However , it was much easier than I thought ; the needle just glided through the aida holes and it wasn't tricky to count the squares either : ) The only thing I found a bit tricky was fastening my threads since the stitches are quite small on the back . . . How on earth do you guys manage to fasten threads on 18-count ? ! !

Anyway , one of the projects I started are these strawberries designed by Lucie Heaton from Cross Stitcher magazine issue 239 . I have yet to add some little white backstitch on the berries to create some texture . The strawberries are also outlined with backstitch , but I am not sure whether I am going to add it or not . . . I kind of like how they look now : ) It's also quicker to skip the backstitch . . . What do you all think I should do ? ?

Once I had stitched two strawberries , I realised that I should have added a little bit more space between them than what it was in the original design . Now I have to stitch quite a few berries to cover the width of a towel . . .bummer!

I have also started on this ABC design by Lesley Teare in Cross Stitcher magazine issue 289 . I really like this alphabet because it is quick to stitch and doesn't use too many colours AND looks really swee t! I have a feeling I am going to be using these letters a lot this autumn...:))

I think the biggest issue I am going to find with the aida bands is that I do not like to stitch any design
more than once - it is boring ! However , I have a feeling I am going to have to ignore those feelings this autumn too if I want to get any Xmas gifts stitched . . .
I really wanted to stitch some Xmas designs today too , so I decided to stitch a bit on these gift tags designed by Fiona Crouch from Cross Stitcher magazine issue 286 .

A easy, quick Xmas project to pick up now and then in between all my other projects : ) )

While I stitch two of my furbabies almost always rest with me on the sofa .
One of them like to rest his head on my legs (whilst hiding under a blanket) . . .

...and the other one by my right side:))

It is very soothing to be surrounded by my babies whilst I stitch away:)


  1. You have been busy and what great companions. I love having my furbaby close by too. I like the strawberries as they are but I always feel the back stitching makes the images pop more.

  2. Your furbabies look so happy Annie. Your bands look great. I do think the strawberries need to be backstitched.


  3. I think the strawberries would look nicer whith the backstich outline. And I really like the letters whith the cute flowers! They are adorable:) Love'ya!

  4. Great projects. Maybe you could put two strawberries together and leave a larger space till the next two:)

  5. The designs you chose for the aida bands are so nice. BUt like the other commenters I would add a little bit of backstitching to the strawberries. The letters are just adorable.

  6. Is it easy to stitch the aida bands onto towels? I've been trying to find towels with aida bands in England but it's almost impossible and I want to use a bath towel size rather than the hand towel size ( the only towel size anyone seems to sell with aida bands).


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