Monday, 17 August 2015

Do I ever finish anything ? ? ?

Hi Everyone !

Despite having about 15 cross stitch projects on the go , I found myself bored with ALL of them yesterday . . ! It would be simply impossible for me to stick to a rotation , or to stick to just one project at a time since I get bored so easily . . ! And the last thing I want is to be bored by my cross stitching , so then , of course , I HAVE to find yet another project that inspires me . . ! Sometimes - or quite often actually! - it feels as if I only START new projects , and never FINISH any! Then it is high time to have a look at my list of recent finishes just to remind myself that I AM capable of finishing things . . . sometimes : ) )

So , what did I decide to stitch on yesterday then, in the end ? ?

Well , I had been thinking of the gift tags stitched with white thread on red aida so I got some red aida and stitched some small white motifs . . . : )

It felt really rewarding to stitch something and to finish so quickly - maybe that's why I got bored with all my other projects . . ?

Then I decided to pick up an Christmas UFO that I started over ten years ago , when I still lived in England ! It is from a  Swedish women's magazine , and a project I got bored with back in the day when I faced ALL the evening sky stitched in blue . . ! However , everything with a Xmas theme inspires me at the moment so I thought, why not ? ?  So this is what it looked like when I started yesterday evening . . .

... and this is how it looked when I stopped stitching a couple of hours later:

It is stitched on 11-count aida , so it stitches up quite quickly : ) However , some of the chart is difficult to read and there are some faults so I am going to have to wing it a bit before it is finished .
However , I enjoyed stitching it and I will put in some more hours on it tonight : )

What I will feel like stitching tomorrow , however , is anyone's guess . . . ha ha !

Happy Stitching !



  1. This is lovely :) Congrats on pulling out a UFO to work on instead of a new start!

    1. Thank you, you are so right! I'm giving myself a pat on the back:))

  2. Good thing putting that UFO back to life! It's very nice, interesting and unique design, I find myself drawn to older and simpler designs every now and then to "un-bore" me from my newer or more complicated WIPs:). Have fun winging it:)

  3. Those gift tags are going to be adorable!

  4. Love the gift tags. I never have more than one project on the go although I do have a few grafts on the go. At the moment it is cross stitch, knitting, crochet and book folding. Thanks for your comment on the book folding post. It is really easy to do - the decorating of the book was more of an effort than folding pages for the word.


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