Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Stitchy gifts - received and made!

Hi everyone!
I have received a wonderful gift by Melanie ( ) in the post !
It is a lovely little needle minder with a wonderful little Stitchy Bug! It is just soo sweet!

I also received a beautiful card from Melanie with a lovely Mirabilia design on the front !

Thank you sooo much for my lovely gifts , Melanie ! Receiving them really made my day and I'm really looking forward to using my cute little needle minder : )
Today I had to finish my gifts for my aunt's 60th birthday .
First up was the little stitched heart . . .

. . . that I have now finished putting together : )

Then I put together a doubled birthday card and it was all going very well . . . until I realised that I had decorated it upside down ! Oh nooo ! There was nothing left to do but to cut it off down the middle and write the greeting on the back of the single card . . . Oh well , it is the thought that counts , right ?

I'm not too keen on the finishing process when it comes to my stitching , but once I got going today I felt in the groove and carried on finishing a few more cards for future family birthdays : )

When I make cross stitch cards I like to decorate them in a simple way - or not at all - so the stitching can be the focus of the card .
This is a Durene Jones-design that I stitched a long time ago (I don't remember from which magazine either) . . .

. . .  so it felt really good to finally turn it into a actual card that I can use : )
Finally I finished putting together this little sweet picture . . .

I am not sure where this one will end up in the end , but for now I am VERY happy to be able to put it in my 'Finished Projects' box !

Happy Stitching Everyone!



  1. Your card finishes are so lovely :)

  2. Thank you! I didn't do much, but I don't think one needs much more than the actual stitching on a card:)

  3. Pretty cards you made, for sure it will be much appreciated by the recipient. Lovely gifts you received too, cute needleminder and card is just as lovely, I've never seen that design:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi - What lovely cross stitch cards and the heart is beautiful. I can't wait to start the Christmas Ornament SAL. Thanks for stopping by my blog it is very much appreciated. Joan at


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