Sunday, 28 August 2016

Glad to be back...and with some stitching too:)

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all well? I can't believe I haven't posted for almost two months... Oh well, time flies when one crochets, lol!

But guess what??!! My stitching mojo is back! Happy Days! I think it happened sometime during the 17 days and nights when I watched the Olympics and crocheted around the clock...suddenly I found myself longing for a change...And thinking of all my cross stitch projects...and thinking even more of my Prairie Schooler chart stash that I am dying to dive into!
So now I am dividing my crafting time between crocheting and stitching; I still have Xmas gifts to crochet so I can't put away my crochet hook. But in my head and soul the little cross stitches have taken over and make me long for cross stitching all day long:)

So of course you wonder what projects have I picked up now that I'm back to the lovely aida, cross stitch needles and DMC floss?

Well, the first one out is The Prairie Schooler's Cats, Bats & Witches:

I have really surprised myself with picking this Halloween chart. Sweden isn't too big on Halloween itself and only celebrates it because we've been influenced by the Americans:) Personally I don't celebrate it at all, but I have seen some really cool Halloween charts on your blogs and on the online stitching stores and began fancy stitching my own witches:) And this PS chart is perfect for me as it only uses 4 DMC colours! So there we are. I decided to pick the smaller chart to stitch first and I hope I can get it done in time for Halloween THIS year, haha.

The next chart is Christmas Tree Farm by PS, and this I started before my stitching mojo disappeared, but now I'm really keen to carry on stitching some more reindeers and Xmas trees:)

And of course we mustn't forget the forlorn PS Santas that are way overdue for a finish:

 I stiched this alongside Gominam at and since she's such a speedy stitcher she has of course finished it a long time ago. But now I have purchased a fourth Santa and some more thread so I should be able to finish this too - hopefully - before Xmas. Unless I have to make Xmas gifts etc... Oh well, we'll see... But at least I am going to carry on putting in a few crosses on my Santas every now and then, and then we'll see what happens:)

The good thing is that despite me being such an unreliable stitching companion, Gominam have decided to join me for another SAL as we stitch The Prairie Schooler's Xmas design And to All a Good Night . I'm really looking forward to this, and yesterday I decided to start and hopefully get a headstart on my super-speedy stitching companion, lol:)

However, my start didn't exactly go smoothly...:(. First of all I realised that yet again I didn't have all the threads I needed, like the reds and greens...Pretty important colours for a Xmas design I'd say!  However, I did have dark grey -yay! - so I decided to stitch the sleigh and counted and counted to make sure it ended up in the right spot.
And of course it didn't!! I was so pleased with my little sleigh until I realised that I would have to frog it... The whole sleigh... But I perservered and stitched another sleigh and added some more gray and brown and I will order the festive colours later on when I can afford it. It already feels as if I'm falling behind on this project too, lol.

Lastly I have made a start on this cute little Snowman freebie from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.

Thankfully the kit included all the threads I need and thankfully I got to stitch with another colour than greyish black lol:)
Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. So glad your stitching mojo has returned and you are catching up with your P.S. charts which are looking great. I've stitched the snowman but didn't pay attention to the chart and stitched all the blue in full cross stitches instead of haldf stitches, but I was happy with it overall. It just means I will probably have to use some of my own stash of thread for the other chart that came with the magazine.

  2. Hooray, hooray! You are stitching again! :D

  3. Annie, so very glad to see that you are back on the cross-stitching band wagon - it is good to have more than one type of craft on the go, I think. Lovely, lovely PS choices - can't wait to see them all grow. Good luck with your goals.

  4. Oh I'm so happy to see this post! Welcome back to stitching👍 Lovely progress on your PS charts and cute freebie start. I still have to try finishing 3 WIPs rght now but I'll definitely join you ASAP on our PS Sal😊 Happy stitching friend.

  5. Love all of your new starts and stitching Annie.


  6. Nice to see you back, together with your stitching mojo. Your lovely projects will be growing during the next days and weeks.

  7. Lovely progress on everything! That sucks about the sleigh lol I would have been so frustrated! Good luck fixing it and getting the colors soon!

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