Monday, 4 July 2016

Exciting new chart stash!!!

Dear friends!
Guess what has happened!
I received my new chart stash from Stitching Bits and Bobs in the US!  
I can't believe how fast I received my order; it didn't take them much more than a week to get it to me! That is faster than some companies here in Sweden!
I love all my new charts, and of course I want to share them with you; my stitching buddies:)
Above all I wanted to get my hands on some Prairie Schooler charts that I didn't have and I'm happy to say that I now have them:) First up is the charts Reindeer Roundup and And to All a Good Night:

Then I wanted Christmas Eve that I saw Gominam at Stitch Niche stitch earlier this year, and of course I had to get Happy Christmas with all those cute Santa lodgings!

Being a bit concerned about all the Christmas stitching I picked (and how will I find place to display it all??? LOL), I decided to pick a Halloween chart...

...Cats, Bats & Witches! I just love all those black witches and the bats etc:) I don't really celebrate Halloween, but I guess I have been affected by all the fun Halloween stitching I've seen on other stitching blogs. So it's your fault that I got this one, lol!!!

But of course I couldn't stay away from a Prairie Schooler Christmas for long, and I had to get a forth PS Santa for my long and overdue collection piece that I'm supposed to stitch alongside Gominam. Of course she has finished her (see HERE) whilst I lost my stitching mojo, but at least now I can make a start on my forth Santa since I have bought the knitting Santa:

Then I came across some PS charts I hadn't seen before! They were from a limited addition and of course I fell in love with Santa's house...

...Santa's reindeers and christmas trees...

...and Santa's chimney!

Can't wait to stitch them!

Then I picked a chart that I have seen on other websites and that I just love. I love the colours and the words and the decorations...!
Cookies for Santa
Country Cottage Needleworks

It is just so precious and I HAD to get it just because! I just had to have it, lol. I've never stitched their designs before, but I am really looking forward to stitching this one! (I won't bore you with all the charts I wanted to get but couldn't afford...)

Now I'm waiting for a batch of threads I have ordered from and then I can hopefully make a start soon. Meanwhile I have to ponder what on earth I'm going to do with all the Christmas stitching I'm planning to!

Happy Stitching and stashing everyone!



  1. Wow! You will be very, very busy! Great new stash. :)

  2. Enjoy your new stash. Great choice of Prairie Schooler charts.

  3. Wow, a feast for the eyes! "And to all a good night" was originally on my wishlist, now that I need to buy much needed dyed floss that PS chart might join the cart, you're such an enabler! And now you got me feeling guilty on my neglected Christmas Eve. Thanks for mentioning my blog, truly appreciate it😊.

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