Friday, 2 September 2016

This week's stitching:)

Hello friends:)

Here's a quick update on what I've been stitching on this week.

I have been working on The Prairie Schooler's Cats, Bats & Witches and I must say that I'm really enjoying this one:)

Even though I'm not really a Halloween person, I'm having soo much fun stitching all these little quirky motifs:) And the best part is that if I can finish this one soon - which feels quite doable - I have an even bigger design like it to tackle after that, lol!

I have also started Cross Stitcher magazine's SAL that they have been running all year. I feel in love with it straight away - since the first piece featured a cute Christmas dog! - and now that I'm stitching again I had to make a start!

Designer: Susan Penny

I have already had some issues with it though; the measurements the magazine has mentioned didn't seem to work - at least not to me! - so I have had to do quite a lot of frogging :((( And of course I don't have all the right threads, and I have still not decided if I'm going to use my stash or order the correct DMC ones. And the grey aida I'm using is not perfect for the white snowy details - they tend to blend into the fabric - but I'm perservering! And loving it as I go, since the little Christmas motifs are so cute:) 

Hope you are all well!



  1. Your Halloween stitching looking great. I've been doing the Christmas SAL so far the designs appear to be fitting in properly. I did the border first and fingers crossed all seems ok - enjoy. If you need any help with threads I may have what you need and am happy to post them to you.

  2. Looking great! Hope you won't have any frogging, keep it up. Not a halloween person as well but I do find those witches bewitching so I got a couple Halloween charts too, might start one when I finish at least one of these WIPs I got.

  3. Your progress looks great! As for the snow I would switch to 3865 which is super bright. It might make them stand out more. It still looks pretty though :)

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