Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter crafts

Hello Everyone!
I hope all is well and that you've all had a nice Easter:))
I've spent a lot of time with my family during Easter, which has meant that I've had to make some Easter Cards for my loved ones. For my dad and his wife I made this card:

Perhaps not as Eastery as it could be, but at least it has lovely spring colours:)
I also stitched this decorative heart for my dad...

...which says 'Loved Dad' in Swedish.
For my mum who loves bright colours I put together this card...

...and for my brother-in-law's parents I made this card:

I also received a couple of Easter cards from my sister - well, what can I say, I'm the kind of sister who deserves TWO Easter cards lol! This is the first one I received on Easter Friday...

Glad Påsk - Happy Easter in Swedish:)
...and it came in a cute envelope made out of notepaper. My sister told me that she realised when she made her cards that she didn't have any envelopes to put them in, so she started to play around with a paper and came up with this solution...

Trust my creative sister to make something so nice out of nothing lol. I put my Easter card on my Easter shelf, which for once also had beautiful tulips that I received from my grandma:)

On Easter Saturday I also received this very pretty Easter egg card, and I love...

...the pretty colours and the white feather. Soo cute! This card will definitely be saved in my Easter box and brought out in future Easters to come:)

I haven't stitched much lately and it is not that I haven't wanted to, but that I've struggled to find time. Sometimes I've just been too tired, and other times I've been busy baking for myself to save money, or seeing my friends. I don't know about you other stitchers, but when I get tired I just can't stitch. It is just too difficult for my tired brain to keep up with a chart and move the needle repetitively up and down through the fabric. It always ends with my eyes closing heavily and my head nodding off to the side...
I must say that I feel a bit frustrated about my limited stitching time right now, but I hope that I'll find some time soon to bury myself in a cross stitch project. And hopefully that time coincides with the much awaited arrival of my Prarie Schooler charts I have ordered lol!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Beautiful gifts and cards you made. I can't concentrate when I'm tried either. Sometimes it does us good to have a break x

  2. You are so very thoughtful to make so many cards. I read your posts, and so often I wish I had a sister!! :D

  3. Your cards are lovely! Your sister is very creative too:) The tulips are gorgeous on your table, what a nice Easter you had. Now I'm excited to see what PS charts you picked!:)

  4. What a wonderful collection of Easter cards, Annie, how lovely they all are. I hope that you have time to stitch very soon, I am sure that when the PS charts arrive that they will perk you up.

  5. Lots of great cards I hope you find time to stitch soon!

  6. I love the cards you made, what a wonderful collection. And with some more sunny weather your tiredness will be gone and your stitching motivation will come back.


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