Monday, 7 December 2015

...35 years on...:)

Hello Everyone!

Last Saturday our family got together at my mum's for a bit of a pre-Christmas celebration, and she actually has my very first (as far as I remember at least; it was a while ago lol) cross stitch project:) It's a cushion that I made for her when I was ten years old, which means that the cushion is now 35 years old!!

It is just precious!
Of course the stitches cross in both directions in a random order, and the crosses are sometimes stitched in two very different colours, but I'm so impressed with my ten-year-old self! I even managed a quite complex basket with flowers:)) I LOVE the fact that my mum still has this very fine piece of stitching, and now that I have found my love for cross stitching again - 35 years later - it is absolutely wonderful to see this sweet piece of stitching, so full of love and history and child-like joy!

Happy Stitching Everyone!



  1. :) Love it! My mom has my first cross stitch picture of a cat. I made it when I was 13.

  2. That is so sweet of you! Moms always cherish whatever we create, I posted mine in February, it's a ship which still hangs in my parents' bedroom.

  3. So lovely what you made for your mom at age ten. I also have little projects on my shelves that my kids made in elementary school. Sweet memories.

  4. Aww great project! I don't know what happened to my first embroidery project I'll have to search for it

  5. So sweet and what a wonderful heirloom.


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