Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lots of crafty Xmas projects on the go:)

Hello Everyone !

It's been a couple of weeks since I last checked in with you all , and the reason for that is that I haven't had any stitching to show you since all my stitching right now is Xmas gifts for people that may drop in here every now and then . . . And with no stitching to show there doesn't seem much point in posting on the blog . . . But just you wait until AFTER Christmas ; then I'll have lots and lots of stitching projects to show you : ) 

So , instead , if you don't mind , I'm going to share some crochet projects I've been working on lately . . . I tell you , there just isn't enough hours in the day to fit in all the crafting I want to do before Christmas lol .

I've been making some crochet lace . . .

 . . . and I've made about twenty of these crochet snowflakes . . .

. . . that I have to stiffen and bling up a bit before they are ready for this year's Christmas tree:)

I've been making these grey and white snowflakes that I am joining together for my Xmas blanket . . .

. . . like so . . .
. . .only now the blanket is much , much bigger : ) I really have to lay it out flat on my bed soon to see if I've made enough snowflakes to finish it . At last .
Lastly a picture of my three furbabies cuddling up together on the sofa . . .

. . . as a cold Sweden is slowly moving into winter season . And by the way , it is my stitching corner that they are occupying : ) We all love that corner of the sofa lol : )

Happy ( Xmas ? ) Stitching !



  1. I love all your crochet! The blanket will look so nice and the lace...oh, I can think of many things I would like to do with that. Good job on all of it!

  2. Wow you've been busy, your blanket is gorgeous, love those colors:)

  3. Everything looks great! Especially the snowflake ornaments. Your furbabies are adorable :)

  4. The crochet lace is most impressive. That blanket is fabulous!
    I love the last picture.♥

  5. Your crochet is beautiful. Your furbabies look very cosy in your stitching corner.

  6. Your crochet is just wonderful. All these little snowflakes and the lace and the granny hexies for the blanket - gorgeous.


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