Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Christmas Stitching in July!

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you all , but I am in the middle of planning my Christmas stitching right now . I have always enjoyed giving handmade - by me - gifts and Christmas presents to my nearest and dearest . Due to financial limitations the last couple of years I really need to MAKE most of my Xmas gifts this year , and I need to use my crafty stash as much as I can .

However , as you stitchers all know , stitching lots of gifts will require lots and lots of stitching time . . . and lots of browsing through patterns and cross stitch magazines . . . and lots of thread-sorting . . ! When I think of it like that it almost feels as if I am a bit late starting all this in July . . . ha ha ha !
Still , here I am and I have made a start on my Xmas stitching plans , but sadly I could not keep my eyes entirely on the ultimate goal . . .

As I browsed through a Cross Stitch Crazy magazine (issue 159) two days ago , I fell completely in love with a particular Christmas chart ! I desperately wanted to stitch it but not as a gift for someone else , but for MYSELF! Clearly this is not the best time for me to fall in love with yet a new chart , but you know what it is like . . . certain charts just grab you and demand you begin to stitch them straight away ! And luckily ( or maybe not so luckily ha ha! ) I had almost all the threads so OF COURSE I just had to make a start . . !

And what is this going to look like sometime in the future you may ask . . ?

A Chrismas Fairy by Joan Elliott ! Isn't she stunning ? !
I just have to stop falling in love with these JE charts . . . ha ha ! But how can I stop when they are all so gorgeous ? !
But today I have been good and put the fairy aside for a bit and started on one of my many Xmas gift projects . . .

This ABC chart is actually from the same magazine and designed by Lucie Heaton . I have swapped some of the thread colours for some from my stash . I am going to have to order some more threads for some of my other xmas projects , so I'll try to use my stash whenever possible .

And just to let you all know - and to warn you , ha ha - I am a complete Christmas freak and there will probably be a lot of Christmassy posts coming up here in the next five months ! !

Happy Stitching !



  1. Lol looks great I love the je pattern. I may have to track this down and stitch it myself!

  2. Good luck on your Christmas stitching FOR OTHERS! LOL :)

  3. No one can stop Christmas in July, haha. By the looks of it, you'll have enough Christmas projects done by December. Christmas fairy is really pretty, you've done a lot already i see. Love the color choice on your Letter too, it's very cute!

  4. There should be no guilt around wanting to stitch something you love for yourself! Enjoy it looks lovely!

  5. That is one gorgeous design, no wonder you fell in love with her.


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