Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The fairy starts to sparkle ! ! !

Hi all!
The last couple of days I have been able to put in some stitching time on my Lavender Fairy . Yay !That means lots of Kreinik Very Fine (#4) braid ! I love stitching with it since I find it so easy to handle compared to other metallic threads . I also love, love, love all the sparkly effects : ) )
I have stitched the stems of half of the lavender flowers in green Kreinik :

As usual the picture does not do justice to the effect of the Kreinik and I tried to take a close-up of the stems to try to capture the lovely sparkle . . . to no avail . . . Oh well , you just have to believe me when I say that it looks gorgeous !

I have also started to add bling to the wings with more Kreinik but in another colour ! This too looks so wonderful ; I really have to focus on carrying on with the stitching instead of just admiring how it all looks : )

I have also started to stitch all the little cute flies that fly around the fairy , but they are very hard to make out at this point in time . They will really start to stand out once I add the beads later on .
So this is how Belle looks in full view at this moment :
I just love adding all the bling to my Belle , but it is a VERY time-consuming business ! ! It feels as if my stitching speed slooows down as I am doing this  , but at least she will look fabulous when she is done ! I just cannot wait to put her up on the wall in my living room ! ! !

Happy Stitching everyone !



  1. I have that same problem with Kreinik photographing lol but I can imagine it and it's beautiful!

  2. I do believe you! Your fairy is looking fabulous! Now you're getting me excited to stitch the Kreinik on Petal fairy, but I'm going to wait til all other xstitches are done. It will be my first time to try it so I'm still a bit scared:)

  3. beautiful work, such a pretty design.


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