Thursday, 16 June 2016

Moments from a very busy period...

My furbabies have kept an eye on me and all my crafty projects:)

My only (pathetic) cross stitch finish lately. It's a freebie from a recent issue of
Cross Stitch Crazy.

I have crocheted lots and lots of coasters... various colour combinations!
My furbabies have played outside in the sunshine.

I went away visiting my 89-year-old grandma one weekend and she fell in love
with the mandala I was working I gave it to her of course!

We talked a lot about my lovely grandpa who passed away in 2004.

I have crocheted lots and lots of little flowers...

...and attached some of them to my crochet hearts!

A good friend's son graduated and had a lovely celebration with some lovely food.
Especially this Eton mess with summer berries was to die for!!!

I have an order for a crochet wrap which is coming along nicely.

Last Sunday my sister and I sold some stuff at mum's allotment.
It was a nice day and we made quite a lot of money:)))
I'm happy to say that my homemade cookies sold very well indeed. Here's
a few 'Cakes-in-a-jar' that were for sale too:)

I'm cheering on Sweden in the EURO fotball championship in France and looking
forward to the Olympics in August, so of course I had to decorate my balcony in
the Swedish colours to show my support for all our competitors! 

And my oldest furbaby takes every opportunity he can to eat doggy treats and to
get some attention. And of course I try to oblige; after all,
he's turning a very distinguished 11 years old in a couple of weeks!  
Hope you are all enjoying your summer!


  1. Oh those coasters look great! I agree with your Grandma! I love that mandala! That is my kind of crochet wrap!! I knew you would do well at the allotment. I will bet your oldest furbaby takes lots of naps. Ours does!

  2. Great pictures and progtess! My favorite coaster is the green and blue one :)

  3. You've been very busy, your crochet looks wonderful. Well done on selling your cookies and making some money too. Your furbabies are adorable.

  4. Wow Annie, you've worked yourself a lot on these beautiful crochet goodies. Adorable color combinations. Love the mandala too. The crochet wrap looks awesome. Oh, let me be the first to greet you advance Happy Birthday:) Enjoy!

  5. You've been so very busy, Annie. I love all your crocheted things . And I'm not surprised that your cookies in the jar sold well :))

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