Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Year start and a snowy guy

Hello Everyone!

When I read Tama's post on her blog Stitching Daze this morning, I got inspired to celebrate Leap Year Day with a crazy new unexpected start. A start I hadn't planned for but a start that I'd love to make at some point. So I dug through my kits that I have gathered for some rainy days way off in the future, and then I suprisingly quickly made up my mind of which one I should start. Totally unexpected. In fact the decision was a no-brainer!

I fell in love with the Fairytale Castle by the late Sheila Hudson (I think?!), but when I received the kit a few years back, I realised that the chart was in black and white... I find black and white charts so difficult to read since I'm used to the colour charts in cross stitch magazines, so that really put me off starting this beautiful piece. On the other hand, there are a lot of blocks of colours and a lot of half cross stitches so it really shouldn't be soo difficult.
Well, today I made a small start...!

I also asked my sister if she could help me to enlarge the chart a bit. Hopefully that will help me a lot in a future when it comes to this project:) I have a feeling that the finishing date for this beautiful project lies many years ahead, but today I made a start! Wow! And if you don't start, you can't finish! My motto when it comes to cross stitching lol!

When I took the picture of my start I angled my phone to the left where my two smaller furbabies often lie buried in blankets when I stitch. Notice how he's already taking possession of my leftover-yarn blanket lol!

If you wondered, I have also managed to finish my snowman for the Christmas Ornie SAL. I'm not completely happy with the backstitch, but it looks ok if you look at him from a distance. Which is why I'm not giving you a close-up LOL.

From the magazine Enjoy cross stitch at Christmas 2011.
Designer: Adam Prescott

At least he's done in the nick of time! Now I have to look for a suitable ornament chart with the theme of Santa and/or his helpers for March... Should be interesting!

Hope you're having a nice week with some time for stitching:))



  1. I think the snowman looks great!
    What a neat pattern you have chosen.

  2. Congrats on the cute finish Annie. Your new start will be gorgeous. Such a beautiful design.


  3. Beautiful start and finish :). Your fur baby is adorable

  4. Oh, I love your new start! I'm glad I could help inspire you! and the snowman is adorable :D Puppy's cuter, though, lol!!!

  5. Beautiful piece you've chosen. Congrats on the adorable snowman, cute!

  6. Very nice your blog and article. I like this blog thank for sharing.



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