Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Searching for new quick and easy go-to charts... and other crafty stuff

Hello Stitching Friends!

What a crazy start to this year it has been here in my little x-stitch nook. Plenty of visits to the vet and broken down technology; just one (financial crisis) after another. And the vaccination is going REALLY slowly here in Sweden; neither my dad (who's got alzeimers😢 and is 73 years old) nor my mum has had any vaccine yet. At this rate I will still be waiting in the new year.. Unfortunately I also live in one of the areas in Sweden that has the highest rates of covid-cases so I have to be really careful. But so far everyone in my family has stayed healthy so I just continue to keep my fingers crossed🤞.

So most part of February I spent knitting and selling some wooly mittens to earn some well-needed money...

When I was finished with those, I crocheted some Easter inspired gifts and things for my home.

For example this cheerful doily that I displayed in my hallway. 

Even though me and my furbabies spent Easter on our own it was nice to spruce up my humble little home a bit💛💜💚.

I also stitched Easter cards to send to some family and friends far away, and once again I used my favorite flower charts by Lesley Teare from The World of Cross Stitching issue 230.

They are just PERFECT for cards; quick to stitch with very little backstitch and one can combine colurs and patterns any which way depending on your stash and the occation.

Unfortunately I have a strong feeling that almost everyone near me have received at least one version of these flowers, so it is about time I find a found a new easy, very quick and adaptable go-to card pattern. 

I have realised though that it is easier said than done as I've been going through my cross stitch magazine stash...😳. Either it's too much backstitch to make it quick, or there are too many colours used, or the patterns aren't very adaptable... Still, the search must go on!

Due to all the knitting and crocheting and cross stitch cards, I haven't had much time to spend on larger projects. Just a few more added stitches on The Prairie Schooler chart The Night Before Christmas ...

However, I have spent a lot of time thinking of what I want to stitch during the summer ahead. Which projects do I want to (try to) finish? Do I want to make some new starts? Are there any stitching challenges I can join to speed up my stitching? I'm hoping and praying that some sporting events will take place in the coming months, such as Stanley Cup playoffs, the Ice-hockey world championships, the FIFA European championships and the Olympics🙏🤞🙏...and if they all do, there will be PLENTY of time for me to do some stitching! And frankly, I can't wait!!! And I look forward to having more stitching progress and projects to show you here on the blog this summer.

In fact, I'm about to start a new exciting project very soooon (who am I kidding?! I just cannot NOT start new projects😂🙈😂) and I'm iching to get off the computer and finish gridding my fabric! 

I hope that you are all well, and I look forward to chatting with you about lots of stitchy things soon again🌷🌸🌷!



  1. Hi Annie. Your cards are adorable. But, I really love your round doily. Can you tell me the name of it and the designer? I would love to crochet one.


    1. Hi Linda! Thanks, it is nice, isn't it?! The original pattern comes from the book 'Mandalas to Crochet' by Haafner Linssen and I think the doily is called something like 'Tulips from Amsterdam'. Then I have extended it a bit to make it bigger.
      Hope that was helpful :D

    2. Thank you Annie. I'm going to see if I can find it.

  2. I am sorry the vaccination process is so very slow by you Annie.
    Those mittens are AWESOME! Your stitching is wonderful!

  3. I love those flowers! If you are on Facebook you may want to look at Durene Jones pages as she has tons on small freebies there. I hope the vaccines start going faster. Seems like your parents should have been at the front of the line! Hope you get some more stitchy time!

  4. The mittens you made look like they would be so warm and cozy! Very pretty! And all your cards! You have been busy :)

  5. Sorry about the speed of vaccination...
    Your mittens and cards are beautiful.
    Don't worry if the patterns are repeated, its the thought that counts.
    I agree with you, I find the smaller designs have maximum colors, lot of fractionals .

  6. I hope things get smoother soon life-wise and they get ahead on the vaccine roll-out. We're doing okay where I am, but my parents, both over 70 have only just had their first shot (in Canada). Their second one isn't till July, so I don't think they're coming to visit any time soon. Stay safe! Gorgeous work on everything!

  7. Just returning the commenting! I love those Lesley Teare flowers. Have you seen her series of brightly coloured blackwork birds?
    I've had my first vaccination because I'm a Carer but England has reached the over 45s now so we are getting there. It about the only thing they have actually done properly though!


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